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Beckers Corporate ID Program Helps Companies Establish Brand Recognition


Elk Grove Village, IL - When any brand makes its debut in its respective market, the main objective is always to rise to the top as an industry leader. It takes a number of things to ensure a brand’s survival: a solid brand promise, an unshakable dedication and commitment to that promise, great customer interactions, and an unforgettable first impression.

Just like with people, the first impression of a brand is always crucial. After establishing a memorable first impression, it is equally as important to maintain the carefully-crafted brand image.

With Beckers’ line of high-performance coatings, this is made possible.

Beckers’ corporate ID program is comprised of BeckryTech, BeckryFluor, and BeckryFlon. When it comes to settling on a final design for CID, assembling a stellar coatings system is crucial. The ideal coatings system in the case of corporate identity is one that supports color and gloss retention, durability, and weatherability. Beckers offers coatings that provide these benefits across different finishes, textures, and colors.

It’s because of these advantages that Beckers has been entrusted to help create the brand images of well-known brands like Buick, Ford, Carmax, Chevrolet, and more.

About Beckers Group, Becker Specialty Corporation

Beckers supplies coil coatings used for metal construction products, among other markets. For more information, visit

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