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Beckers Launches Updated Website For Coil Coatings

beckers-website-redesign-2019Berlin, Germany - Beckers, a leading worldwide supplier of coil coatings, introduces its new website to customers, partners and other interested parties. More than a website, this platform has been designed to become a comprehensive digital hub and the pivotal point of Beckers’ representation online.

With its improved navigation and more efficiently organized content, Beckers’ website now provides an enhanced experience to visitors, whatever their access point is ‒ from a desktop or any mobile device. Among other features, the new Applications section guides visitors through the various end uses of Beckers’ coatings and helps them find the information they are looking for in no time. Presenting case studies, technical tips and product information, the Knowledge section will be enhanced as Beckers’ new projects grow.

“We are excited to reveal our new digital hub to the public today. We have designed this platform so that it becomes a window on Beckers’ world for anyone interested in our activities, and the best stage to showcase our products, knowledge and solutions for sustainable innovation. We hope you like it and are waiting for your feedback,” said CEO Dr. Boris Gorella.

Beckers’ website will progressively integrate new features and applications in order to develop its online customer service.

About Beckers Group, Becker Specialty Corporation

Beckers is a leading worldwide supplier of coil coatings, with an international organization that ensures global coordination and consistent product standards. Beckers is flexible and innovative, and works in close cooperation with its customers.

Beckers coil coating products are in use at applicators all over the world. The increasing global expansion of Beckers’ state-of-the-art factories and laboratories ensures attentive support for the needs of local markets, while offering a comprehensive portfolio of products to suit all your requirements.

For a complete list of product ranges offered, contact Beckers at 847-766-3555, or by email at For more information, visit

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