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ST Fastening Systems Acquires West Coast Washers

Tyler, TX - ST Fastening Systems, a division of The Hillman Group, announces the acquisition of West Coast Washers (WCW).

ST Fastening Systems is a manufacturer of metal building and post frame fasteners and accessories. West Coast Washers manufactures the bonded and EPDM extruded washers.

“Our commitment to quality has been the key to our success and growth over the last 27 years,” said Bruce Crouch, President, ST Fastening Systems. “Adding WCW to our manufacturing group will further support that commitment to quality. We have literally searched the world over to locate a washer manufacturer that could hold to very tight design tolerances we require. Quite simply, WCW is the best in the world when it comes to producing consistent, high quality washers. Processing parts with exacting dimensional control allows us run our high speed assembly and powder coating equipment at maximum efficiency, which translates to value for our customers.”

“ST Fastening Systems also has a commitment to utilize American labor and materials in its manufacturing processes,” Crouch continued. “WCW is located in Salem, Oregon and 100% of the steel, rubber and labor are born in America. 85% of ST fastener products have assembled washers, so the addition of WCW furthers our BUY AMERICAN imperative.”

“I am so pleased that ST Fastening Systems will be keeping our people and processes in place,” said Jim Elkins, founder of West Coast Washers. “In the thirty years since we started, we have become a family and it is rewarding to see our culture and tradition of excellence will be preserved.”

About ST Fastening Systems

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