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Covertech Unveils Retrofit Reflective Insulation System For Metal Buildings


Etobicoke, ON - Covertech Flexible Packaging, manufacturer of rFOIL® reflective insulation, has announced the development of an insulation retrofit system specifically tailored for metal buildings. The new system is called the rFOIL Retrofit MBI® System.

“It's important for commercial buildings to be energy efficient as possible,” said John Starr, VP/Partner at Covertech. “Building owners are looking for more energy efficiency and a cleaner, brighter appearance in older buildings which may have included a single layer of fiberglass insulation in their walls and roofs, or no insulation at all.

“rFOIL Retrofit MBI System is a unique and innovative take on insulating existing metal buildings,” he continued. “The patented clip and pin system combined with rFOIL's reliable insulation provides a cost effective and energy efficient way to insulate all types of metal buildings.”

A key component of the new system is the rFOIL MBI Retrofit clip. It installs to the bottom of the exposed roof purlins and inside the wall girts. The system can be supplemented by backfilling the cavities between the purlins and girts with additional insulation mass if desired.

The rFOIL Retrofit MBI System is lightweight and easy to handle and install. With its unique purlin clips and rFOIL's no-mess, no fiber material, the retrofit system can be quickly installed with little interruption to the facility's operation.

MBI-rollsHow reflective insulation works

Because metal building conduct heat, maintaining desired temperature during the summer and winter months can be ongoing and expensive. Reflective insulation works by reducing the transfer of heat across a building’s air space.

Reflective insulation is manufactured with a highly reflective surfaces, 94-96% percent of the radiant heat that strikes the surface is reflected, and only four to six percent of the heat is emitted through the insulation. The major benefits of reflective insulation are that in the summer, heat that's radiated through the roof is reflected off the insulation surface back to the roof- not to the inside of the building- keeping temperatures inside the building cooler. In the winter, heat inside a metal building is reflected off the insulation's shiny surface back into the building so that the heat is retained inside.

 Types of reflective insulation include:

- Single or double layer of polyethylene bubble bonded to and sandwiched between two radiant barrier sheets.

- Single of double layer of polyethylene bubble, bonded to and sandwiched between one radiant barrier sheet and one white polyethylene sheet.

“The rFOIL Retrofit MBI System is a great way to achieve energy savings in existing buildings were there is no insulation, as well as enhance the building’s value,” Starr asserts.

About rFOIL by Balcan Innovations Inc.

Established in 1990, rFOIL Reflective Insulation and Radiant Barrier Products are produced and distributed from a modern 107,000 sq. ft. facility in Toronto, Canada. With high production capacity, quick order fulfillment is provided worldwide.

rFOIL insulation has a unique construction that is specially designed to reduce radiant heat gain or loss in commercial and residential applications. The bubble core and the metalized film (outer layer) provide the perfect combination of heat reflection and thickness for optimal thermal values and performance. To learn more, visit

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