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New Roof Hugger Video Shows Metal-Over-Metal Retrofit Roofing Products In Action

Screencaps, above and below, from the new Roof Huggers In Action video.

Lutz, FL - Roof Hugger, LLC recently introduced a new animated Installation video, and now the company takes it a step further by sharing more of the Hugger products in their real form showing how some are made, installed and used in metal-over-metal retrofit roofing.

This latest Roof Hugger video showcases the process of Roof Hugger systems from fabrication to the roof top and everything in between. Beginning with fabrication of custom Hugger sub-purlins that are made using sophisticated punching, shearing and press-braking equipment to allow the systems to match virtually any existing metal roof profile/configuration, regardless whether thru-fastened or standing seam. This is true no matter what the existing rib spacing is or what the required height is to accommodate varying thickness of insulation. For more common profiles, Roof Hugger roll-forms several Hugger sub-purlins allowing them to keep inventory in their four locations in Florida, Texas, Indiana and Washington.

Not shown in the video, is Roof Hugger's special hat-channel systems that assist with new metal roof systems that do not have required uplift testing over the company's systems or those projects that are required to meet extreme wind speeds. Shown near the end of the video are some roofs that illustrate high wind load requirements in the corners, eave and rake locations of the existing roof. This additional framing is based on the ASTM testing of the new metal roof systems that is selected to be installed over Hugger sub-purlins.

Roof Hugger’s metal-over-metal retrofit systems are the ideal application when an old outdated metal roof needs to be replaced. This environmentally friendly option allows the existing metal roof to remain, the new metal roof installed directly over the old roof providing a safe and labor-saving installation.

Roof Hugger Systems can fit over virtually any existing metal roof panel profile, support any new roof panel whether thru-fastened or standing seam and be configured to add insulation up to R-50 using fiberglass or rigid board as well as solar energy equipment between the old and new roofs. The finished retrofit roof assembly is a perfect platform for the addition of solar photovoltaic systems. Roof Huggers allow for the installation of a new long life metal roof over an existing metal roof in a way that is structurally correct, non-disruptive, and cost effective. It is a system that adds strength to the existing roof structure, is environmentally friendly, cooler in summer, warmer in winter and conserves energy.

Roof Hugger, LLC is a member company of LSI Group, Inc. of Logansport, IN.

To view the new Roof Hugger In Action video (run time is 1:33) on YouTube, visit

About Roof Hugger

roof hugger logoRoof Hugger notched sub-purlins enable replacement of new metal roof panels over an old metal roof. They can be used over screw-down or standing seam roof systems and can accommodate new standing seam or screw-down panels. Roof Huggers also maintain integrity of original design loadings; achieve "thermal break" air space between old and new roof sheets; allow for optional insulation; and are laboratory and load tested—with certified load charts. For more information on metal-over-metal retrofit re-roofing, contact Roof Hugger at 800-771-1711 or visit

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