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MBMA Releases Retail & Wholesale Case Study Report

mbma-retail-wholesale-case-studyCleveland, OH - The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has released its newest case study, Retail & Wholesale. This 10-page report highlights eight businesses that use metal building systems to thrive in today’s evolving retail and warehouse store market.

The free report is available for download at MBMA’s blog,

“The retail and wholesale industry is undergoing dramatic changes in how and where people shop,” said Tony Bouquot, MBMA’s general manager. “Metal building systems are flexible, efficient and cost-effective, not to mention great-looking, making them ideal choices for stores and chains that need to adapt to market changes.”

Store-based retail markets include discount stores, department stores, home-goods stores, specialty stores, wholesalers and more. The Retail & Wholesale case study shows how these businesses can benefit from using metal building systems, noting the many attributes that metal buildings provide. It then proceeds to explain why the featured businesses have found metal building solutions to be the right choice for their stores.

For example, Costco Warehouse Stores use metal building systems to keep costs down and get new stores constructed as quickly as possible. The large clear spans enable them to save construction costs as well as increase flexibility in merchandising. Further, metal building exteriors can be designed to meet local codes and company-specific designs. This is also a big plus for Drug Mart when it renovates its existing stores that are housed in metal buildings as the old exterior panels can be quickly pulled down and replaced to make the store look brand new and adapt to branding updates. Single-source design and fabrication made the process easier for Hance Construction Inc. when it built a new addition to the Flemington Department Store in Flemington, NJ. Other businesses and stores profiled include Coburn’s Inc., Cash Wise Foods, Arkansas Music Works, Gene’s Gallery and Pet Food Center.

In addition to this case study, there is an array of useful information on the MBMA website. Other free case studies include Distilleries & Breweries, Recreation and Fitness buildings, Vehicle Sales & Service facilities and Metal Roofing. Furthermore, there are useful brochures and fact sheets about metal buildings and the metal building industry. This information is free to download, while extensive technical manuals and publications are available for purchase at

About The Metal Building Manufacturers Association

mbma-logoFounded in 1956, MBMA serves manufacturers and suppliers as it works to promote the metal building systems industry. Its membership supplies high-quality buildings for use in commercial, retail, office, industrial, institutional and other end-uses. The association provides a wealth of information on its website for anyone who works with or is interested in metal building systems. It includes technical materials and design guides. For more information, visit

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