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2020 Aluminum Design Manual Released By Aluminum Association

aluminum-design-manual-2020Arlington, VA - The Aluminum Association has released the 2020 Aluminum Design Manual, an essential reference for engineers, designers, detailers and architects working with aluminum in structural applications.

For the first time, the manual, which was last updated in 2015, will include an Excel spreadsheet containing section property tables for common aluminum shapes.

“For decades, the Aluminum Design Manual has been a critical resource for anyone designing or engineering a structure with aluminum,” said John Weritz, vice president for standards and technology at the Aluminum Association. “In fact, Chapter 20 of the International Building Code requires compliance with Part I of the Aluminum Design Manual for aluminum construction. The addition of pre-populated spreadsheets in the 2020 manual will make it easier for designers to continue to use data-based decisions when engineering aluminum products.”

Updates to the new version of the manual include:

• Changes to the section on Specifications for Aluminum Structures, including new provisions for block shear, pull-out strength of screws in screw chases, weld-affected strengths, post-weld heat treated strengths, new alloy-tempers, and flanges and webs with concentrated forces.

• Addition of a “Code of Standard Practice” section – providing a common understanding of acceptable standards when contracting for structural aluminum.

• A separate Excel spreadsheet containing section property tables for common aluminum shapes including I-shapes, channels, angles, tees, zees, round and rectangular tube, pipe, and roofing and siding.  The spreadsheet is bundled with all electronic copies, and hard copies will have a link to the spreadsheet on the Table of Contents page.

The 2020 Aluminum Design Manual is available for purchase as both a searchable electronic download and hard copy through the Aluminum Association’s bookstore at The purchase price for either version is $395 for members and $495 for non-members.

About The Aluminum Association

Aluminum-AssociationThe Aluminum Association, based in Arlington, Virginia, works globally to aggressively promote aluminum as the most sustainable and recyclable automotive, packaging and construction material in today's market. The Association represents U.S. and foreign-based primary producers of aluminum, aluminum recyclers and producers of fabricated products, as well as industry suppliers. Member companies operate more than 200 plants in the United States, with many conducting business worldwide. For more information, visit

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