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Parasoleil Launches Eclipse Collection Artistic Panel Structures For Shade And Screen


Westminster, CO - Parasoleil announces its launch of the Eclipse Collection™, the newest addition to the company’s offering of engineered patterned panels. The new collection features both shade and screen structures which include the frame and hardware system that connects the panels.

The Solar Series™ is the shade collection and the Lunar Series™ is the screen collection. The new products are ready-to-install, allowing for a turnkey approach to design and installation.

“The intent behind the design was to create a natural experience,” said Uriah Bueller, sculptor and Parasoleil’s CEO. “Think of the feeling of sitting under a 50-year-old shade tree and imagine the unique way its branches and leaves filter light. Our goal with this collection is to bridge architecture and nature to create more welcoming places.”

Bueller added, “We give architects and designers the confidence in the quality needed for their project requirements. By reducing risk, cost, and time of the project, we provide our clients the ability to focus on their overall design.”

About Parasoleil

parasoleil-logoParasoleil designs and manufactures laser-cut architectural metal panels. For more information, visit

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