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Parasoleil Releases Five New Patterns For Light-Filtering Metal Panels

parasoleil-five-new-patternsWestminster, CO - Parasoleil, supplier of metal panels used to filter light and frame space, has unveiled five new patterns that range from contemporary to natural.

“We use the power of patterns to create new dimensions that offer completely different experiences,” said Parasoleil’s founder, Uriah Bueller. “Our goal is to reimagine a new visual language and through it create places where people want to be. Even though the inspiration behind each of the five patterns comes from a different point, together they encourage ingenuity and further extend our mission.”

Named Julius, Regent’s Park, Las Palmas, Mako, and Gotham, the new patterns are available now. All patterns are engineered for safety, building code requirements, and IBC structural requirements. Their design and engineering are backed by 3rd party certification for high-wind conditions and heavy snow loads.

About Parasoleil

parasoleil-logoParasoleil designs and manufactures laser-cut architectural metal panels. For more information, visit

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