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Metl-Span Introduces 8"-Thick Cold Storage Panel

Metl-Span’s new 8-inch cold storage panels are available in Mesa, Light Mesa (interior only) and Flute profiles (shown above).

Lewisville, TX – Metl-Span, a recognized leader in the advancement of insulated metal panel technology, is extending its line of cold storage panel products with the introduction of a new 8"-thick cold storage panel.

Two inches thicker than the thickest profile of Metl-Span’s current line of cold storage panels, the new 8-inch panel provides subcontractors and installers the ability to deliver the next level of insulation and temperature control where it is needed the most. 

“Our new 8-inch cold storage panel should have immediate appeal to designers and owners of food processing facilities and operations that manage the refrigeration or storage of a variety of products,” said Jennifer Franz, product manager at Metl-Span. “The panel’s added thickness makes maintaining a constant internal temperature even more attainable for such outfits, which is critical in ensuring their operations run smoothly and efficiently.”

Similar to other Metl-Span cold storage products, Metl-Span’s new 8-inch cold storage panels function as walls and ceilings in new and retrofit construction. In addition, Metl-Span cold storage panels are ideal for dry goods warehouses and other controlled environment buildings where temperature control and insulation values are paramount.

Metl-Span’s cold storage panels are manufactured with impermeable exterior and interior faces, ensuring the highest insulating values are maintained for the life of the building. In addition, the panels are lightweight, contributing to more rapid installation.

Metl-Span’s new 8-inch cold storage panels are available in Mesa, Light Mesa (interior only) and Flute profiles.

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