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AppliCad Announces Digital Skills Development Scholarship Opportunity

Applicad-scholarshipBlackburn, Victoria, Australia - AppliCad has announced the creation of The Global AppliCad Learning for the Future Scholarship Program to give young adults across the globe the opportunity to increase their digital skills relevant to the roofing industry of the future. AppliCad’s roof take-off software is the preferred software for Australian roofing contracting companies, and is growing in acceptance and use in roofing markets worldwide, especially in the metal roofing and cladding industries.

“At AppliCad, we want to support young people in accessing the roofing estimator skills of the future and have started this scholarship program to provide to selected candidates, our online training course for free, together with an extended free software trial period of 60 days. We would like to think that our new Scholarship Program will be good news for a young person with aspirations in the roofing industry to get a bit of a head start. We are in difficult times and sometimes all we need is a little good news to make our day.” says Ray Smith, AppliCad’s Founder and Managing Director.

"The online training course typically takes up to four full days to complete, and together with the extended free trial period, we believe our scholars will have ample time to practice their new skills," Smith added.

Applications are open to young adults between 18 and 25 years old who are interested in working in the roofing industry in a digital capacity. Applicants must have access to a PC and the internet, and be willing to learn a professional roofing take-off software program.Applications close July 31, 2020, at 5 PM AEST.

About AppliCad

AppliCad USA Inc. is a specialty CAD applications software development company focused on the needs of the roofing, cladding and solar industries. To learn more,visit

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