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Roof Hugger Launches New Website For Metal-Over-Metal Re-Roofing


Odessa, FL - Roof Hugger, the Go To Retrofit Experts for Metal-over-Metal Re-roofing, announces the launch of the company's exciting new website at

The new website has taken vast amounts of information about Roof Hugger notched sub-purlins, compiled in previous versions of the site during the past 20 years, and reshaped it so that it now focuses on what is most important to the site's visitors - all presented in a dynamic, easy-to-use format.

Features of the new Roof Hugger website include:

• Dedicated sections for Design Professionals, Building Owners, and Contractors, where they will find all the information needed to determine which Hugger will be best suited for their project, as well as informational videos of “Huggers in Action” and a 3D animated installation video showing the installation of a Roof Hugger System.

• An all-inclusive Download Page with access to all of the company's parts drawing details, in CAD or PDF formats, Hugger Specifications, Roof Hugger's Design Manual, the latest brochure, and all available Hugger testing data.

• A new comprehensive Products Page with information on all Roof Hugger parts, from standard and custom Huggers to the complete line of roll formed hats.

• Get A Quote – When visitors are ready to get a quote, they can click a button and go to an online form that can be filled out and automatically sent to Roof Hugger. There is also an option to download a PDF job information quote form, which can be saved and filled out when convenient.

The new Roof Hugger website is now compatible with mobile phones and tablets, allowing users to be on a job site and search products, look at installation manuals, or request a quote. If there are questions, visitors can tap the Roof Hugger phone number and call the company directly.

About Roof Hugger

roof hugger logoRoof Hugger notched sub-purlins enable replacement of new metal roof panels over an old metal roof. They can be used over screw-down or standing seam roof systems and can accommodate new standing seam or screw-down panels. Roof Huggers also maintain integrity of original design loadings; achieve "thermal break" air space between old and new roof sheets; allow for optional insulation; and are laboratory and load tested—with certified load charts. For more information on metal-over-metal retrofit re-roofing, contact Roof Hugger at 800-771-1711 or visit

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