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CFSEI Publishes Series Of Beginner Technical Notes

Washington, DC - The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI) has developed a series of beginner Technical Notes for students and young engineers that provide fundamental information relating to cold-formed steel design. The series, which was authored by several cold-formed steel framing experts across the country, covers topics relating to steel production, framing fabrication and design principles.

The beginner Technical Notes are free of charge to CFSEI members and are available for purchase to nonmembers at

CFSEI Managing Director Robert J. Wills said, “While these beginner Technical Notes will greatly benefit students and young professionals who may not have been introduced to cold-formed steel design in their classes, they will also be of value to those with some experience in developing a higher level of confidence when designing with cold-formed steel. Architects and engineers are increasingly turning to cold-formed steel framing to meet their project challenges for sustainable design. These beginner Technical Notes can help those wanting to take the next step forward in their professional growth.” Wills noted that CFSEI has developed a library of Technical Notes that are widely used by building construction professionals, with the beginner series as the newest addition to the collection.

The beginner Technical Notes series includes:

• “Tech Note B001-20: How Cold-Formed Steel Framing is Produced”

• “Tech Note B002-20: How Cold-Formed Steel is Used in Building Construction”

• “Tech Note B003-20: Introduction to Building Codes”

• “Tech Note B004-20: Introduction to Cold-Formed Steel Framing Standards”

• “Tech Note B005-20: Introduction to Cold-Formed Steel Framing Design Aids”

• “Tech Note B006-20: Introduction to Evaluation Services and Explanation of Evaluation Reports”

• “Tech Note B007-20: General Considerations for Cold-Formed Steel Connections”

• “Tech Note B008-20: Basic C-Shaped Wall Stud Behavior”

• “Tech Note B009-20: Structural Versus Nonstructural Cold-Formed Steel Framing”

About The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute

CFSEI_logoThe Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute comprises hundreds of structural engineers and other design professionals who are finding a better way to produce safe and efficient designs for commercial and residential structures with cold-formed steel. CFSEI members work together to develop and evolve industry standards and design methods, produce and issue technical bulletins, and provide seminars and online training to improve the knowledge and skills base of engineers and design professionals. For more information, visit

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