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Moffitt Corporation Readies Launch Of New Products

Jacksonville Beach, FL - Moffitt Corporation, Inc. (Moffitt) has announced the impending launch of three new products into the industrial and commercial marketplace. These products complement the Moffitt message of Natural Ventilation Solutions as they each promote a better work environment by reducing temperatures, reducing the need for maintenance, and reducing the roof load on customers’ buildings. These products were developed by listening to customer feedback and through a focus on manufacturing sophistication.

The Moffitt MatrixVent combines the most popular features of the company's previous low-profile vents into one, state-of-the-art ventilator. The result is a culmination of sixty years of ventilation technology that provides a best-of-class solution for the building owner. The MatrixVent is 100% self-supported, eliminating the need for additional support steel during installation. It includes a damper option to give the customer more control over airflow in winter and summer conditions. The MatrixVent seamlessly integrates into any roof type, including standing seam roofs, making it perfect for pre-engineered metal buildings. The MatrixVent also has the option to ship pre-assembled to reduce total installation time. The Moffitt MatrixVent is also designed to reflect natural daylight into the building, while still lowering building temperatures. This ultimately provides a safer work environment for harsh industrial workspaces.

Next, the Moffitt TriadVent brings life to the end user’s building. This ventilator provides warm air exhaust and introduces full natural daylight while still offering complete rain protection. The TriadVent utilizes advanced rain sensors, as well as building management system integration, to open and close the dual flaps as required. The TriadVent is similar in size to the standard skylight, making it the ideal replacement for facilities that require ventilation in addition to daylight. Each TriadVent ships fully assembled for quick and easy installation.

Finally, Moffitt provides a new take on natural cooling with the DeltaStream. The Moffitt DeltaStream is a  technologically advanced natural cooling unit at an affordable price point. The DeltaStream cools air below ambient conditions, and then introduces this cooler air into the building to lower the overall temperature. This technology has helped heavy commercial and industrial facilities realize major decreases in temperature that would not be cost-effective or possible any other way. The DeltaStream is energy efficient, using very little energy and water daily. It also utilizes fully automated controls that can be integrated into a building management system. Best of all, the DeltaStreamis self-cleaning to achieve food-processing facility standards of hygiene. The DeltaStream has been designed from scratch to provide effective and efficient adiabatic natural cooling at a more affordable price point.

By streamlining the product line, Moffitt expects to reduce lead time and increase efficiencies at the Moffitt factory in Denison, TX.

About Moffitt Corporation

Moffitt-logoMoffitt Corporation designs, manufactures and installs industrial ventilation equipment, predominantly for heavy commercial and industrial facilities in the US and around the world. For more information, visit moffittcorp.com.

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