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MRA Addresses Top Myths Regarding Residential Metal Roofing


Portland, OR - Recent cold winter weather throughout much of the U.S. and Canada has homeowners thinking about just how protective the roof is over their heads...and for good reason. With a variety of options to choose from, metal is now the second-most preferred type of roofing material and is quickly gaining in popularity, according to a study of U.S. homeowners conducted by the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA). Yet misconceptions about metal roofing still remain. With a strong spring home improvement season anticipated this year, MRA shares the most common myths - and the truths - about this strong, versatile roofing material:

Metal Roof Myth #1: Style and color options are limited.

Truth: A lot of people are familiar with standing seam metal roofs, but may not realize there are a nearly endless number of other options and color choices, designed to fit with the architectural style of just about any home. Metal roofs that mimic the look of shakes, slate, clay tile and even asphalt, yet offer exceptional durability and performance, are examples of the many beautiful styles available.

Metal Roof Myth #2: It won’t perform as well in extreme conditions.

Truth: Given their strength, metal roofs are the most durable choice for withstanding extreme storms and hail, heavy snow and ice loads, and severe, hurricane-force high winds. Metal roofs also carry the highest Class A rating against ignition, maximizing protection in wildfire prone areas.

Metal Roof Myth #3: It’s not as sustainable as other materials

Truth: Metal roofs are one of the most sustainable choices available today because they can last 50-plus years (nearly two to three times longer than other materials), be recycled at the end of their long life rather than dumped into the landfill, and are energy efficient. Quality metal roof coatings also have lower maintenance requirements and reduce the need for strong chemical treatments for moss and fungus that can be harmful to the environment. 

Metal Roof Myth #4: It will be noisy

Truth: When installed correctly, a metal roof is as quiet as an asphalt roof. A combination of attic space, insulation and proper installation methods are important to reduce noise transmission for any roof, no matter what the material type, and makes the biggest difference when it comes to sound. A good quality underlayment and properly tightened fasteners also help to manage noise.

Metal Roof Myth #5: It’s not as energy efficient. It may make my home too hot in the summer.

Truth: Metal roofs have proven energy efficiency performance and are ENERGY STAR qualified as “Cool Roofs.” Even basic, unpainted metal roofs will reflect more solar radiation than asphalt, which typically absorbs and holds heat. Special metal roof coatings deliver high total solar reflectance and infrared emittance, keeping homes cool and saving energy by re-emitting most of what solar radiation is absorbed.

Metal Roof Myth #6: It’s a lot more expensive than other materials

Truth: When it comes to the best investment for your improvement dollar, metal roofs deliver a great return because they last three times as long as other roofs, prevent damage, reduce ongoing maintenance effort and costs, and save energy year in and year out.

Metal Roof Myth #7: It will be too shiny

Truth: Metal roofs with high tech coatings are designed to protect against nonvisible (Infrared and UV) sun rays, the kind that produce the most heat and are damaging to building materials. That means, homeowners do not need to worry about their rooftops giving off a shiny glare, even in bright sunlight. The invisible rays metal roofs reflect give them the ability to emit as much as 85 percent of solar heat gain to help keep homes cooler.

Metal Roof Myth #8: It will be too heavy for my roof

Truth: It’s understandable that some people may think of metal as heavy, but the truth is that metal roofing is much lighter per square foot as compared to other materials. As a super strong and impervious material, metal roofing punches well above its weight class when it comes to outstanding performance, yet it is so lightweight it can often be installed right over the top of an old asphalt roof to deliver great, long-term protection…no additional roof reinforcements needed.

Metal Roof Myth #9: It’ll make my home more likely to be struck by lightning

Truth: While it’s true metal conducts electricity, homes with metal roofs are no more likely to be struck by lightning than other homes or buildings. Attracting lightning has more to do with a home or building’s height and size rather than the materials used. The bottom line is that metal roofs do not attract lightning and are not struck any more frequently than other roofing materials. Fire is actually the biggest threat from lightning strikes and because metal roofing is non-combustible and carries the highest Class A rating against ignition, it is actually one of the safest and most protective materials you can use.

Metal Roofing Myth #10: It will make it difficult to install a rooftop solar system

Truth: Metal roofing is perfect for residential rooftop solar systems, thanks to its strength and durability. Because metal roofs last up to twice as long as solar panels, homeowners are much less likely to have to suffer through the extremely costly process of needing to remove and reinstall their system in order to replace or repair their roof. It’s also very easy to install rooftop solar panels on metal roofs with special brackets and attachment mounts designed to protect the roof’s integrity and prevent the possibility of leaks and damage.

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