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Alpine SnowGuards Is Now An Employee-Owned Business

alpine-snowguards-esopMorrisville, VT - Alpine SnowGuards, a leader in rooftop snow retention devices, announces that it is now 100% owned by its valued employees. The transaction was facilitated through the sale of the business to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Founder and President Brian Stearns said that he couldn’t be happier about this method of transitioning business ownership. The average tenure with the company is 9 years; the company’s longest term employee has a 23-year tenure. “This hardworking group of people have made Alpine the remarkable business that it is today” said Stearns. “When I turned 60 I started to realize that Alpine had no transition plan in place. One obvious option would have been to sell the business to the highest bidder and walk away. But the likelihood was that an outside buyer would have moved the business either out of Vermont or offshore. This could have left a very dedicated, loyal and knowledgeable staff unemployed. That just wasn’t the right answer for Alpine. Instead, my wife Sandy and I exercised the ESOP approach giving our employees the opportunity to participate in ownership, shape the direction of the business, and share in the profits.”

Brian Stearns

In addition it gives Stearns the opportunity to stay involved and transition knowledge and relationships over a gradual period of time, mutually benefiting all parties. “This is truly a win - win situation” said Stearns. Essentially no roles will change. Stearns will continue to function as a business leader, staff will continue to do their same jobs, and production will remain in Vermont. The company anticipates being able to hire and retain new staff who, when vested, will share in the business ownership and associated benefits.

Alpine operates in a 100+ year-old industry with an opportunity to grow, thrive and benefit many generations of Vermonters. It was noted that the timing of this transaction couldn’t be better as the company launches new product lines and implements new approaches to sales, marketing, and distribution. The business is poised to grow with its current capable staff, key new hires as needed, and the founder involved indefinitely as a dedicated participant and cheerleader.

About Alpine SnowGuards®

Alpine SnowGuards offers a wide variety of snow management systems including pad-style, pipe-style, and fence-style snow guards, as well as a line of frame-mounted snow management systems for use on solar PV arrays. Alpine has a solution for all roof types, new or retrofit.

All of Alpine’s products are precision-engineered to prevent damage caused by avalanching snow and ice while enhancing the beauty of any roofing system. The company notes that it is especially important to install them above: entryways, walkways, and gathering spots; parking lots and drive-through areas; expensive landscaping; ground mounted mechanicals; lower roofs, valleys and crickets; and gutters and roof protrusions, such as plumbing vents. Alpine has a real-world snow guard test facility at its headquarters in Vermont that includes metal roofing - for testing updates, check out Alpine's blog. For more information, visit

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