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NCCA Announces Launch Of New Mobile-Friendly Website

Cleveland, OH - The National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) launched a new mobile-friendly website that includes new images, expanded educational material and improved navigation tools.

The new design includes more education about designing and manufacturing with prepainted metal, including case studies, tutorials and manufacturing solutions. The Cost Comparison Analysis form helps manufacturers evaluate the long-term savings of converting from in-house painting to coil-coated metal.

The expanded education section includes more helpful information about coil-coated metals, such as aesthetic and functional properties, green benefits, its cost savings for transportation products, and processing tips.

“The flexibility, high efficiency, and green benefits of coil coated metal are driving the demand for prepainted metal in many industries,” said Derek Deakins, chair of NCCA’s Marketing Committee. “So, we wanted to make the website mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, with beautiful imagery of coil coating applications.”

The new website also explains how coil coating is used in building products, major appliances, transportation, HVAC, furniture, and other goods such as metal packaging containers, lighting fixtures, storage units and electrical cabinets.

About The National Coil Coating Association

NCCA-logoThe National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) is an established trade organization dedicated to the growth of coil coated products. The NCCA consists of over 100 member companies that are at the forefront of the industry. They provide coil coating services and are leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal, coatings, chemicals, and equipment. The members of the organization also process and warehouse the coil coated products prior to their delivery to the user industries. For more information, contact NCCA at 216-241-7333 or email at Visit the NCCA website at

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