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New Custom-Designed Airolite Louver Screen Combines Form And Function

 The new Airolite ENCB6096 surrounds rooftop equipment on the building above


Schofield, WI - Airolite has introduced a versatile, horizontal-blade louver screen that functions as a sight and security barrier, as well as an architectural accent for commercial buildings. 

The new louver screen ENCB6096 has a 6"-deep inverted louver screen blade profile that provides an effective visual screen when viewed from grade or any lower application, and yields high free area to allow for abundand airflow. Louver screen ENCB6096 can be supplied with concealed vertical mullions, mitered corners, and man-doors to meet aesthetic and service requirements. 

Airolite louver screens are custom designed to specifications to function as architectural accents or entire facades, sight or solar screens, or security barriers. Manufactured of extruded aluminum, mechanically fastened and finished-after-assembly to ensure the highest product quality and durability, Airolite louver screens can be specified in a broad array of architectural finishes for compatibility with adjacent components.

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About Airolite

For architects, contractors, and building owners across the US, Airolite provides innovative product solutions that make a unique visual statement while performing critical building functions. Airolite architectural louvers, custom grilles, louver equipment screens, sun controls, and canopies ventilate, illuminate, reduce glare, prevent water penetration, save energy, provide visual screens, and add security to new and renovated buildings—while making a stunning first impression. Airolite calls it “the look that works.” To learn more, visit

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