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CornellCookson Introduces New Insulated Counter Door

Mountain Top, PA – CornellCookson, a leader in closure products for commercial, industrial, institutional and retail applications, has introduced a new Insulated Counter Door that offers protection, efficiency and quiet operation.

The door is specifically designed for finished openings in cafeterias, stadiums, concession stands, arenas, hospitality and educational facilities, public spaces, healthcare offices, or any application that needs an insulated, space saving closure. It ensures conditioned air is maintained while reducing the transmission of noise—thanks to the product’s ASTM E90 certification, with a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 26.

“Specifiers now have the option to select an insulated door with smaller profile slats and a smaller coil, requiring less headspace, making it more compact than a standard insulated door,” said Nicole Vivalda, Product Manager, CornellCookson. “The resulting design delivers a streamlined and polished aesthetic.”

Quiet Operation, Reduced Noise Transference and Maximum Efficiency

Constructed for both interior and exterior applications that require insulated closure, the Insulated Counter Door features a patented PVC back slat with melamine foam insulation, making it an optimal choice for environments where controlling the transmission of sound, ensuring security, and quiet operation are of the utmost importance.

The magic behind the quiet operation lies in the innovative design. “The door’s construction eliminates metal-to-metal contact, reducing operation noise and sound transmission from room to room,” said Siva Davuluri, Vice President of Marketing, CornellCookson. “In addition, eliminating metal-to-metal contact preserves and extends the life of the finish.”

Built to Last: Customizations, Optional Materials and Finishes

When specifiers or facility managers choose products from CornellCookson, customization capabilities are nearly endless with their experienced Architectural Design Support Team. The insulated curtain comes standard in galvanized steel with GalvaNex™ polyester enamel finish in Gray, Tan, or White with the gray PVC back slat that holds the melamine foam insulation in place. Customers can choose from a multitude of materials and finishes to meet facility needs, including aluminum in clear anodized, stainless steel, or SpectraShield® Powder Coating in more than 180 colors.

About CornellCookson

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