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Red Bud Slitting Line Installed At Steel Service Center In Texas

Red Bud's specially designed slitting heads have the power to tackle the toughest requirements. For JM Steel, the company built a slitting line that can process material up to .500" thick and 84" wide.

Red Bud, IL — JM Steel, a steel service center, recently installed a Red Bud Industries Heavy Gauge Slitting Line. The new line was installed at JM Steel’s new facility in Sinton, Texas on the new SDI Mill campus. The line is capable of processing material up to .500” (12.7 mm) thick x 84” (2130 mm) wide, with a maximum coil weight of 105,000 lbs (47,627 kg).

The system included a number of features that reduce personnel requirements and material handling. Coils can be pre-prepped and its bands removed off-line while the line is running. In addition, when the previous coil tails out the new coil is automatically loaded onto the Uncoilers. Automatic pass line compensation was included and the Slitter heads also feature an automatic camber track system that prevents camber from being introduced into the strips. Self-threading, dual helical scrap choppers were also included as was side shifting tooling bars that help to nest the strips with the push of a button. The exit Crop Shear also included an automatic tail crop mode whereas the remaining coil tails are cropped and dropped into a scrap bin without operator attention. The line also includes in-line corrective leveling. A Packaging line, with an automatic downlayer, semi-automatic ID banding and automatic stacker, complements the Slitter.  

In addition, both the Slitter and Packaging Line are equipped with state-of-the-art guarding, providing the operators a high degree of safety.

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Red Bud Industries designs and manufactures light- and heavy-gauge slitting lines, high-speed slitting lines, blanking lines and heavy-gauge cut-to-length plate lines. To learn more, visit




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