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MBMA Develops Long-Range Plan To Create Educational Materials For Architecture Students

mbma-architectural-significance-seriesCleveland, OH - The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has published the first report in its new Architectural Significance in Metal Buildings series created for undergraduate and graduate architecture programs. Kicking off a multiyear initiative to introduce students to metal building systems, the new folio explores the design challenges and outcomes of the Alamo Beer Company building project in San Antonio, Texas.

It is available for free download at the MBMA blog,

“We are very excited about collaborating with project architects to produce the Architectural Significance in Metal Buildings series,” said Tony Bouquot, MBMA’s general manager. “We are always looking to expand our educational outreach efforts, and college design programs are a major focus. This is the first resource of its kind available to the educational community and will be a great asset for architecture students and educators.”

The Architectural Significance in Metal Buildings series will deliver a range of detailed case studies to help students understand the inherent architectural processes of metal buildings and how to leverage these popular construction solutions. Each report spotlights a single facility and dissects the priorities, goals and outcomes of the design and building process. Also, the materials examine how each design journey is relevant to aspiring architects and include resources with weblinks to more details about the project.

Design efforts for the 18,000-square-foot Alamo Beer Company facility, located in the historic Hays Street neighborhood of San Antonio, were led by Greg Papay of Lake|Flato. The first folio was created in collaboration with Papay and includes his observations throughout. It begins with an overview of the facility and presents the design priorities along with specific goals and objectives. Two goals—functional flexibility and energy efficiency—were essential for the brewery to grow over time and operate in a sustainable manner. A metal building system proved an ideal answer because it is well-suited for expansion/reconfiguration. Additionally, the facility’s high ceilings and open space allow for large ceiling fans and efficient air circulation while the standing seam metal roof provided the platform for solar panels to keep electricity costs to a minimum.

The report includes a detailed discussion of how Papay worked to balance the project vision and needs with expectations of community members impacted by the new development. It also contains practical questions to help learners analyze the concepts discussed.

“We plan to add three or four of these folios each year for the foreseeable future,” Bouquot added. “This spotlight on the Alamo Beer Company is a great introduction to the series. It enables students to understand the whole design process, from land acquisition to meeting all stakeholder needs. This educational series helps them see how a metal building can be an ideal solution for their future design projects.”

About The Metal Building Manufacturers Association

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