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MBCEA Member PanelClad Achieves AC478 Accreditation For Metal Building Assemblers

Bethlehem, PA – The Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) has announced the successful completion of the AC478 Metal Building Assemblers certification process by one of its member companies, Visalia, CA-based PanelClad. Serving the California Central Valley, PanelClad is the first metal building assembler in California to earn the prestigious AC478 accreditation, administered by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). AC478 Accreditation for Metal Building Assemblers Inspection is a standard to recognize metal building assemblers committed to excellence.  

Achieving AC478 accreditation demonstrates that PanelClad has the personnel, organization skills, experience, knowledge, management procedures, and commitment to assemble metal buildings in accordance with code, specifications, costs, and deadlines. Some of the requirements for this accreditation include documented management systems, rigorous safety training, quality managers, OSHA training, documented safety plans, site-specific plans and other documents.  

“The PanelClad company has a history of excellence in their endeavors so it's no surprise to me that they became accredited,” noted Jen Heimburger, MBCEA president. “Jared Bradford has always separated himself from the competition through his innovative assembly products.  Now PanelClad is leading the way in California with this accreditation and will prove to be a leader in our industry as well. Congratulations to Jared and his team!”

PanelClad saw the AC478 accreditation as an opportunity to demonstrate to its existing and potential employees that it was a company that takes pride in its organization and workforce. Bradford, the company's owner, said, “Since we began building our management and field teams, we used the AC478 accreditation process as a guideline to slingshot ahead of the competition, and right now it’s not just about competing for work, we’re competing for the right employees, and our employees have commented to us that they feel proud to work for a company that cares about our culture of growth, and that we take on special measures to ensure they’re operating as safely and efficiently as possible.”

For more information about the IAS AC478 accreditation program, click here

About PanelClad

PanelClad-logoPanelClad is the developer and marketer of The Panelizer™ panelized erection system and MTX™ material handling system, time-saving products developed to simplify and substantially speed the installation of metal roof and wall claddings on metal building systems. The Panelizer™ suite of products includes the PurlinGuide and GirtJack alignment tools, PanelTrack roof panel layout and feeder apparatus, and PanelLift hoisting assembly which enables whole sections of wall or roof panels to be aligned on the ground and then lifted into place as a unitized assembly. The MTX™ system is an easy-to-assemble dolly and track system that facilitates the movement of metal roof panel bundles to the working edge, reducing labor and speeding panel installation.

PanelClad Inc. is also now offering services as a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-performance building structures and envelopes. The company designs, fabricates and erects its structures to its clients' exacting specifications. From the design phase through the final inspection, PanelClad guarantees a smooth process with a high industry standard for workmanship and professionalism. To learn more about the company and its products, visit

About The Metal Building Contractors And Erectors Association

mbcea-logoThe MBCEA was formed in 1968 to serve the needs and support the interests of metal building contractors and erectors. Its three main goals are: to provide programs and venues that enhance education opportunities for metal building contractors and erectors; to develop programs to enhance the image of metal building contractors and erectors, and the metal building industry; and to develop and maintain programs specifically designed to support and respond to the needs of the grassroots membership of the MBCEA. The association has membership from virtually every aspect of the industry and all 50 States and Canada. For more information, visit

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