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Garland Introduces Cool-Sil™ Fluid-Applied Membrane System For Aging Metal Roofs

Silicone System Includes Energy Consumption & Water Runoff Benefits

Cleveland, OH - Garland’s newest fluid-applied membrane system, Cool-Sil™, extends the life of aging single-ply, modified bitumen and metal roofs. The liquid rubber membrane significantly enhances watertight performance and eliminates the need for a full replacement, saving facility managers and building owners time and money while also reducing environmental impact.


Cool-Sil provides ponding water resistance, excellent UV protection and is an easy-to-install one-part product. The silicone rubber-based system is solvent-free with a high solids content that provides a thick and durable, mold- and mildew-resistant roof covering for proven protection in even the harshest weather conditions. Its high reflectivity can reduce energy cooling costs and provide a more comfortable indoor environment.

“Cool-Sil challenges the narrative that silicone products are a commoditized, low-quality solution,” explained Matt McDermott, president of Garland’s U.S. roofing division. “Our system is best in class, adding valuable years of watertight protection to aging roofs that qualify for restoration and providing an eco-conscious alternative to a full tear-off and replacement.”

Additionally, Cool-Sil meets Garland’s high standards of environmental stewardship. The product is P151 certified by NSF International, a globally recognized product testing organization, for not contaminating water runoff and as safe for waterways.

John Arsena, vice president of Warren Roofing & Insulating Co., whose team of contractors installed Cool-Sil at a middle school in Kent, Ohio, said, "Application was easy, there was no bothersome odor, and it cured as expected. We would certainly recommend Cool-Sil as a high-quality restoration product."

The Cool-Sil line includes numerous product variations to satisfy the performance and application requirements of every project. There is a high-build version for maximum protection, a flashing-grade option, primers, walkway coating, all-purpose sealant and a skylight sealer.

Cool-Sil joins Garland’s already impressive line of fluid-applied membranes. Said McDermott, “We know that each building, each roof, each situation is unique. That’s why we are thrilled to add Cool-Sil to our fluid-applied restoration systems portfolio, as it gives our customers yet another option to meet their specific objectives for budget, building performance, and sustainability.”

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