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Cidan Machinery Group AB Acquires Thalmann Maschinenbau AG

Cidan-product-linesGötene, Sweden - CIDAN Machinery Group has acquired long folder producer Thalmann Maschinenbau based in Switzerland. CIDAN Machinery Group is a world leading, innovative supplier to the sheet metal industry. The group operates manufacturing locations in Sweden and Austria and has office locations in several European countries, the United States and China. The headquarters of the company, founded in 1907, is based in Götene.

Thalmann Maschinenbau is a world leading company in long folding technology. The company has a strong track record of bringing innovations to the market that lead to significant efficiency improvements, cost reductions and higher precision and flexibility of the folding process. The company was founded in 1960 and operates from Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

With the acquisition of Thalmann Maschinenbau AG, CIDAN is adding yet another strong brand to its already strong portfolio that includes CIDAN, Forstner and NuIT.

The Thalmann location in Switzerland will remain the major hub for long folder innovation and production. The 50 employees of Thalmann will be joining the CIDAN Machinery Group and remain employed at Frauenfeld. CIDAN is committed to build on the strengths of the existing team with the aim to further grow the business of long folders within the group.

Forward-Looking Step

The acquisition marks a major step forward for both companies, creating a sheet metal equipment manufacturer and software developer that integrates all unit operation from de-coiling to folding that includes long folders.

Petter Hjelmqvist, CEO and President of CIDAN Machinery Group AB commented: “Our strategy is based on delivering innovations that customers want, providing impeccable service and supplying top quality products. The acquisition of Thalmann fits perfectly in this strategy.  CIDAN and Thalmann already share a great history together. Over a period of many years both companies have established a number one position for long folders in the Americas. With Thalmann now being part of the CIDAN group, I am convinced that CIDAN will make Thalmann stronger and Thalmann will make CIDAN stronger. We look forward growing the CIDAN business and the business of our customers.”


This acquisition and combined strengths of both companies will bring additional benefits to customers. The strategy of CIDAN is to become a “One-Stop-Partner” for sheet metal processing industry. From now on sheet metal processors will have one point of contact to purchase a broader range of sheet metal processing equipment software solutions and have one team taking care of service and after sales support.

Chandler Barden
President of CIDAN Machinery Americas

The combination of CIDAN, Forstner, NuIT and Thalmann in one group will offer great opportunities to further integrate a complete sheet metal production line. Industry 4.0 and digitization, combined with the in-house development of integrated software solutions will add additional benefits to customers. These benefits include optimizing supply chain processes and lean manufacturing as well as opportunities for e-commerce solutions. The one-stop-shop concept provides a complete production line and service offer from coil to folded sheet-metal, including long folding.

Chandler Barden, President of CIDAN Machinery Americas said: “Within North America, CIDAN and Thalmann have been successful building a great reputation and customer base.  With the acquisition of Thalmann by CIDAN Machinery Group we have built a better platform for success and service to our customer.  We are getting stronger every day, and this announcement is a leap forward.  This is just the beginning and there is more to come.”

The Team in Frauenfeld will be strengthened directly on-site with Gerhard Zech. He will be the CEO. Zech works successfully for Forstner in Austria and CIDAN Germany as operations manager and CEO since many years and will also take charge in Frauenfeld.

About Cidan Machinery - Americas

Cidan-Machinery-GroupCIDAN Machinery – Americas is the North American arm of CIDAN Machinery of Sweden. The company manufacturers a broad range of sheet metal processing equipment and software. To learn more, visit



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