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ALPOLIC Teams With Cladco For Successful Canadian Fire Safety Test


Chesapeake, VA – Mitsubishi Chemical America’s ALPOLIC® Division, a leader in metal composite material (MCM) manufacturing, has announced its passage of the rigorous Canadian S-134 full-scale wall-assembly test designed to measure the fire spread and burning characteristics of an exterior wall with controlled fire exposure.

For the test, 4mm ALPOLIC®/fr material was included with the Cladco C2000 system and performed extremely well, limiting both heat flux and flame spread. This latest testing confirms that both the Cladco C2000 system with ALPOLIC®/fr materials meets the most current requirements. Both have previously passed C-S134 testing under different test standards.

“ALPOLIC®/fr is S134 tested, which is the industry’s gold standard for fire resistant materials. This test is an unbiased, standardized, independent lab-tested safety baseline, and it’s required by the various national and local building codes here in Canada,” said Neil Ferdowsi, vice president of Cladco Limited, a leading architectural cladding system provider servicing Canada and the United States.


Passing the CAN/ULC -S134 ensures compliance with the National Building Code of Canada, meaning the materials contained within the wall assembly – vapor barrier, insulation, extrusions, and cladding material – together limit flame spread, which is a critical requirement for buildings above 40 feet from grade.

“Cladco has been a trusted distributor, fabricator, and installer of ALPOLIC® materials for over a decade and passing this test with such good numbers is a great example of how combining tested products with tested systems ensures codes are met and that buildings are not only beautiful, but they are also safe,” said Bill Yannetti, chief operating officer of MCA- ALPOLIC Division.

The test report can be found here. For more information, please call ALPOLIC® Customer Service or Technical Services team at 800-422-7220. For sales, please contact Cladco Limited at 905-336-1219 ext. 119.

About Cladco Limited

For more than a decade, Cladco Limited, headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, has provided its architectural and construction industry customers throughout Canada and North America with an economical total-wall solution that is the perfect combination of aesthetics and function. A one-stop shop for technical specifications, samples, color charts and client-tailored consultancy, our specialized team works closely with each client to deliver a final product that is on time and within budget. From in-house drafting and engineering to fabrication and installation, we have the expertise and resources to bring our client’s visions to life. For more information about Cladco Limited, visit or call 866-564-1716.

About Mitsubishi Chemical America  - ALPOLIC Division

ALPOLIC Meet the SupplierALPOLIC® Metal Composite Materials (MCM) have been manufactured since 1991 at Mitsubishi Chemical America’s Chesapeake, VA location. Part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s vast array of products and services, ALPOLIC® MCM is among the most versatile and useful architectural materials available, and the company's manufacturing, distribution and support capabilities extend worldwide. ALPOLIC® offers the rigidity of heavy-gauge architectural metals in a lightweight composite material, with a standard polyethylene or fire-resistant core available in an unmatched selection of colors and finishes. For more information about ALPOLIC® visit or call 800-422-7270.

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