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Steelscape Introduces Color And Design Center

Kalama, WA - Steelscape, a West Coast manufacturer of coated and painted metal for roofing and siding, announces the launch of a new Digital Experience Platform powered by Concora.


Steelscape’s new platform, the ‘Color and Design Center’ provides architects, engineers, contractors, and designers an easy-to-navigate platform to explore the features and performance of Steelscape’s metal colors. The product browsing functionality enables users to search and filter Steelscape's extensive product library to find the product best suited to their project needs - simplifying the product selection process. The platform also provides its users with technical product information, design guides, BIM/Rivet models, submittal tools, and downloads for every product.

When asked about the need for this platform, Steelscape's Marketing Manager John Provencal responded, “This market-leading functionality will streamline the product selection and specification process and complements our broader digital transformation efforts to provide an outstanding product experience for customers through the right tools and technologies.”

The Color and Design Center will provide Steelscape with real-time access to detailed metrics and analytics. These analytics will improve lead generation tactics and help uncover true purchasing intent through the BIM content downloads, unique visits, project submittals, and user contact information. For more information, visit https://steelscape.concora.com/.

About Steelscape

steelscape_logoSteelscape supplies metallic-coated and pre-painted metal products that can be used for metal buildings, roofing, decking and framing. For more information, visit www.steelscape.com.

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