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Rigidized Metals Introduces New Water-Inspired Metal Surface Pattern



Buffalo, NY – Rigidized Metals has expanded its family of engineered metal surface patterns to include the new 1WND offering. The pattern was inspired by—and named for—the appearance of the wind interacting with water at the company’s Buffalo waterfront headquarters.  

Despite being an efficiently manufactured sheet metal material, Pattern 1WND has the appearance of an artisan-crafted metal, fashioned after nature. Featuring a bright annealed finish, and available in stainless steel alloys to prevent rust and corrosion, the product is ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

1WND is available in Types 304, 316 and 2205 stainless steel alloys, all with the bright annealed finish. Standard sheet sizes are 48” wide in lengths up to 144”.

Pattern 1WND can be used in any application that Rigidized Metals’ deep textures are used in. Typically used for architectural applications, this pattern will provide aesthetics and water-like effects in areas such as wall cladding and panel systems, ceiling panels, counter and bar tops and fronts, and back splashes. The company’s custom fabrication capabilities also allow the pattern to be used for signage, public art, and other custom applications.

About Rigidized® Metals

Rigidized-logoSince 1940, Rigidized® Metals Corporation has been a leader in the production of engineered metal surfaces and panels. Metal texturing to stainless, titanium, anodized aluminum, copper and other metal substrates adds strength, durability and beauty, making the company's products ideal choices for a whole host of interior and exterior applications, including as roofing, column covers, walls, elevator interiors, ceilings, screens and more. To learn more, visit

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