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Rigidized® Metals Adds TXTRsound Acoustical Ceiling Panels To Interior Metal Systems Lineup


Buffalo, NY - Rigidized® Metals has expanded its line of TXTRwall Interior Metal Wall Panel Systems to now include TXTRsound Interior Acoustical Metal Ceiling Clouds. Like TXTRwall, the TXTRsound systems are customizable, durable, attractive, and capable of maintaining interior design intent.

TXTRsound panels combine the durability of metal with the dual benefit of significant acoustical enhancement. TXTRsound Acoustical panel systems are made up of a textured, perforated metal panel face and an acoustical backing, and can be installed using a variety of easy-to-use attachment systems, depending upon panel design and environment. The panels provide enhanced acoustical performance, along with high durability, while providing an attractive aesthetic and unique appeal. The enhanced look with the texture creates a softer glow and specular reflections, enhancing the visual interest that only metal can deliver.

The TXTRsound Acoustical Metal Ceiling Clouds are attached via custom hanging systems created specifically for each space. Done to retain acoustic transparency and to not compromise acoustic performance, the ceiling panel attachment method can be customized and effectively adapted to accommodate most any ceiling condition.

Acoustical Metal Ceiling Clouds are particularly effective in large areas such as conference rooms, meeting centers, bars and restaurants, and offices. Not only are they functional, the deep texture on metal also allows for a custom, unique look.

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About Rigidized® Metals

Rigidized-logoSince 1940, Rigidized® Metals Corporation has been a leader in the production of engineered metal surfaces and panels. Metal texturing to stainless, titanium, anodized aluminum, copper and other metal substrates adds strength, durability and beauty, making the company's products ideal choices for a whole host of interior and exterior applications, including as roofing, column covers, walls, elevator interiors, ceilings, screens and more. To learn more, visit

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