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MCA Publishes White Paper on Metal Forming Equipment Maintenance


Chicago, IL – Working with machinery OEMs, the Metal Construction Association’s Metal Forming Equipment / Rollformer Council has developed a structured outline of the benefits of proper general maintenance schedules for machinery. 

This new white paper entitled “Best Practices – General Maintenance on Factory Metal Forming Equipment” details the importance of adhering to a regular maintenance schedule of metal-forming equipment and addresses many of the biggest questions regarding equipment maintenance.

Preventative maintenance of metal forming machinery will provide a longer lifespan of the equipment, less downtime, lower replacement costs and increased revenue and profits.

 “We are very proud of this paper,” says James Bush, MCA’s executive committee chair, “Not only because it’s the product of a partnership between MCA and machinery OEMs, but also because it has the potential to help save our industry billions of dollars every year by avoiding unnecessary equipment failure.” 

The paper details many aspects for improved performance and lifespan of metal forming equipment including preventing the machine from becoming out of level, making sure the hydraulic and motor oil is clean, monitoring to catch issues with the machinery early while it’s still easy to repair, the importance of maintaining a schedule to lubricate the machinery, and more.

 The paper can be viewed on the MCA website here.

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