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Suntuity Solar Referral Partner Program Offers Income Opportunity For Metal Roofers


Holmdel, NJ - Suntuity Solar – a member of the Suntuity Group of Companies based in Holmdel, New Jersey, is celebrating the success of its Referral Partner Program. Officially launched a little over a year ago, the program has become extremely popular with roofing contractors around the country seeking to generate supplemental revenue for their existing roofing business.

The Referral Partner Program is a turnkey program offering roofers the opportunity to create an additional profit center for their business simply by referring leads for solar. Suntuity Referral Partners earn between $1,500 and $6,000 for every solar referral that results in a system install. But that’s not all.

The program also offers roofing contractors the opportunity to generate additional roofing business by installing roofs under Suntuity’s new solar projects. Last year, Suntuity Roofing Partners installed thousands of new roofs under newly installed Suntuity solar systems. The industry leading solar company is always looking for experienced roofing contractors to assist them in completing roof installations. 

Additionally, the Program offers Referral Partners who provide a variety of home improvement services (i.e. gutter installation and cleaning, window and door replacement, siding installation etc.) an opportunity to generate new business through regional promotions offering homeowners in their markets free services like a complementary gutter installation with every completed solar system install, courtesy of Suntuity.

Suntuity’s Partner Program is headed up by Program Director Mitch Gaber, who spent over 15 years in the metal roofing industry.  As the Head of Marketing for Englert, Gaber noticed that solar companies were conspicuously absent from high profile industry events like Metalcon, and they were rarely present in metal construction and metal roofing trade publications despite the fact that metal roofs serve as an ideal platform for solar integration.

Upon joining Suntuity in 2020 Gaber set out to develop a contractor-focused referral program that was truly a partnership between roofing contractors and Suntuity. “We envisioned a program that not only provided contractors with an opportunity to generate substantial revenue through solar referrals, but one that also offered them an opportunity to enjoy residual business as a contractor partner as well”, said Dan Javan, CEO of Suntuity. “We were already installing a large volume of roofs underneath our new solar systems so why not pass along that business to our referral partners”.

This first-of-its-kind program developed by Suntuity is based heavily on input from dozens of metal roofing contractors who provided Suntuity with recommendations on how to make the program more attractive to roofers in terms of compensation, transparency, and user experience. With the help of his former company, Englert, Gaber met with many established metal roofing contractors around the country who spoke openly about their experiences working with solar companies. When asked - Why they weren’t currently participating in a solar referral program; most responded with the same two answers. First, the compensation or referral fee for most referral programs was not adequate and therefore didn’t make participation in the programs worth their while and second, they just didn’t trust they’d get paid by many of the local solar companies who approached them. 

“We knew that if we wanted this program to be successful, we’d have to earn the trust of these roofing professionals and we felt the best way to do this was to speak with them directly and create a program that really worked for them,” said Gaber. “We addressed their concerns by offering a very lucrative referral fee based on the numbers they recommended to us and then we developed an extremely transparent and easy to use referral portal that allowed them to upload referrals and track the status of their referrals real time so there would be no mystery or lack of trust in the process”.

Registration for the program is simple – there are no upfront costs or any additional barriers to entry.  Once a contractor registers for the program they immediately receive a link to their own unique landing page on the Partner Portal which can be shared via social media, through email or on their website, to maximize their ability to earn additional revenue. Each time they or any of their affiliates post a referral using their custom link the Referral Partner receives a notification via email or text that a referral has been posted on their partner landing page. They will continue to receive notifications with every new activity that takes place all the way through to system activation. “Our roofing contractors appreciate the fact that there is total transparency with this program” said Dave Thomas, national director of sales at Englert. “They also like that they can share their dedicated link with others to post referrals on their landing page and generate additional revenue through their own affiliate program” said Thomas.

Another component to this program that resonates well with roofing contractors is their access to free custom branded marketing support materials to assist them in promoting solar along with their main line of business. The Suntuity marketing and design group has created custom fliers, direct mail post cards, email templates, website landing pages and ads for Referral Partners.

“This unique program offers contractors the opportunity to quickly grow their business while offering great value to their customers by helping them save thousands of dollars on energy costs,” said Gaber. “It’s a win-win for the contractor partners and their customers.”

For more information on the Suntuity Partner Program feel free to contact Mitch Gaber directly or you can register for the program simply by clicking the link below:


About Suntuity Solar

suntuity-solar-logoSuntuity Solar offers residential solar energy systems that can be integrated with metal roofing and other roof types. For more information, visit https://suntuitysolar.com.

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