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AkzoNobel Brings POLYDURE® Coatings Portfolio To HVAC Market

Manoel Rodrigues

Columbus, OH - Specifiers, distributors and coaters in the HVAC sector have another tool for their toolbox to improve the quality, durability and performance of HVAC equipment, thanks to AkzoNobel’s POLYDURE® portfolio of coil coatings.

POLYDURE coatings contain a leading proprietary resin technology specifically tailored to the needs of the HVAC segment, including commercial, industrial and residential applications. The proven coating system provides a trouble-free application combined with a consistent, smooth film. It contains excellent forming properties and provides batch consistency, along with a broad range of color, gloss and texture options.

The POLYDURE portfolio includes focus-formulated primers as part of the coating system, allowing the topcoat to perform at an optimal level. The primers utilize formulation models for best-in-class performance, including UV stability, corrosion resistance, delamination and intercoat adhesion. In addition, they contain Dual Action Crosslinking (DAX) technology for improved performance over other options.

“With POLYDURE, you get the confidence and consistency of a high performance, focus-driven product. Specifically designed for HVAC applications, our POLYDURE coatings protect against abrasion and corrosion, while their durability means they look as good many years down the road as the day they left the factory,” said Manoel Rodrigues, Regional Business Director, Americas.

Each HVAC project is unique, so coatings options are tailored for the rigors of every application. The POLYDURE portfolio for HVAC includes:

POLYDURE® N V1000 - Optimized standard coating is smooth and durable, combined with built-in flexibility. Formulated with UV inhibitors and edge-coat corrosion resistance for exterior projects and stands strong in interior applications.

• Combines leading performance with premium appearance

• Exceptional performance during fabrication and transport

POLYDURE® N V1000TX - Textured specialty coating for superior scratch and abrasion resistance combined with built-in flexibility. Highly durable textured surface formulated with UV inhibitors for exterior projects, as well as interior applications.

• Gives the substrate texture and dimension to be more forgiving in harsh environments

• Adds depth, dimension and style to meet any project need

• Lowers reject rates and increases throughput for maximum business performance

A quality coating is only the beginning of the story. AkzoNobel coil coatings are coupled with service benefits to every customer in the distribution value chain. AkzoNobel offers trusted partnerships built on a strong reputation of quality, innovation and performance, while its portfolio of HVAC products delivers exceptional quality and finish every time.

Rodrigues said: “Every HVAC project is unique. We provide superior solutions for all customers, whatever their projects. POLYDURE helps strengthen our offering in the HVAC market and provides our customers with a high-performing, durable and versatile option to meet their varied needs across diverse HVAC applications.”

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