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Precoat Metals Wins NCCA's 2022 Safety Award


Matt Montgomery (left) presents the 2022 NCCA Safety Award to Mike Dake and Kevin Zumbaum of Precoat Metals (left to right).

Cleveland, OH – The winner of NCCA’s 2022 Safety Award was Precoat Metals, in Granite City, IL. The National Coil Coating Association (NCCA) annually recognizes coater member companies that show exceptional commitment to assuring workplace safety.

The NCCA Safety Committee selected the winning facility from 50 plants that were considered for the award. The top plants were identified on the basis of data reported to OSHA. Then, the Safety Committee conducted interviews with the top plants and selected the winners based on the excellence of their safety programs.

“Precoat Metals’ management and employees demonstrated a strong commitment to safety through successful development and implementation of policies, practices, and programs. The Safety Committee was exceptionally impressed with the plant’s program because it was achieved while faced with challenging situations and rapid growth,” said Matt Montgomery, EHS committee chair of NCCA.

Novelis in Clayton, NJ, was awarded honorable mention. Novelis had made great strides and has incorporated many new modifications and enhancements into its safety program resulting in an excellent safety record. Steelscape in Kalama, WA. was the runner up of the safety award. The Safety Committee remains impressed with Steelscape’s exemplary safety record and program as it continues to add new facets to their safety program every year. Steelscape has been the recipient of the safety award 12 times, more than any other plant. To promote safety in the coil coating industry, winners of the award share their best safety practices with the NCCA membership.

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