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BIM Files For Lorin’s Finishes Now Available For Direct Download

lorin-bimMuskegon, MI - Lorin Industries Inc., a global industry leader in the innovation and production of coil anodized aluminum, now offers Building Information Modeling (BIM) files for its captivating anodized aluminum colors and finishes, which are available for direct download from Lorin's website.

This new feature of Lorin’s website empowers architects, engineers, and contractors to directly access BIM files that enable streamlined and collaborative design and build processes. For those architectural firms that use RIB (SpecLink), they can spec Lorin’s products directly from RIB.

The benefits of anodized aluminum for architectural applications are far ranging. Anodized aluminum provides a durable solution that does not chip, flake, or peel. This durability combines with natural beauty to bring superior, long-lasting aesthetics to products ranging from cladding and roofing systems to interior panels, decorative applications, and countless other possibilities. The colors and finishes of Lorin’s anodized aluminum also contribute to its stunning appearance, as these colors and finishes combine to create an unrivaled visual symphony that brings an architectural project to life.

It was noted that architects, engineers, and contractors looking to integrate the refined elegance of Lorin’s anodized aluminum into their next project can easily visualize its impact on their projects through using BIM. To streamline this process, Lorin now offers BIM files for its finishes directly on its website. BIM is notable for enabling a collaborative approach to design and build, representing both the functional systems, such as electrical and HVAC systems, and the aesthetic aspects of a project, such as roofs, and walls. Downloading BIM files for Lorin’s finishes will allow professionals to work collaboratively to bring the material’s captivating dances of light, shadows, and reflections to transform their vision for their next architectural project.

About Lorin Industries

Lorin-logoLorin Industries is a provider of coil anodized aluminum, made exclusively in the USA and used in various industries including architecture and construction. Family-owned for over 80 years, Lorin aluminum can be seen shining brilliantly on some of the world’s most iconic structures and designs, and, no matter the age, they are always radiant. Three times tougher than the raw material, anodized aluminum won’t chip, flake, peel, patina, rust, or weather. And to make things easy, Lorin cleans, anodizes, colors, seals, cuts, and delivers ready-to-fabricate coils all in one stop. A wide range of colors and finish options are available, along with several different patterns of perforated aluminum.

Anodized aluminum isn’t just one material. It’s one remarkable opportunity to access thousands of looks, textures, colors and finishes that reflect creativity, advanced technology and environmental responsibility. No one understands that technology and its potential better than Lorin Industries. To learn more, visit

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