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Beckers Group Announces Leadership Changes

beckers-leadership-changesBerlin, Germany - Beckers Group, a global supplier of coatings, announces a strategic change of its regions and leadership to bolster the ambitions of its Green Lights Strategy. Eric Fouissac is appointed as President for Asia & Middle East (AME), succeeding Paul Menezes. Pia Götze becomes President of the new Europe & Africa region. Jared Ireland steps up as Senior Vice President for the newly formed Americas region.

The restructuring reflects Beckers’ commitment to global growth and operational excellence. The changes are effective July 1, 2024, and all three leaders will report directly to Beckers’ CEO, Christophe Sabas.

In March 2024, Beckers launched its restated purpose and vision to support the ambitious goals of its Green Lights strategy with the vision of "raising the standard of care for our world". The strategic change in the organization is the next step on this journey as Beckers adapts its regional structure to realize its growth potential globally.

Eric Fouissac, the newly appointed President for Asia & Middle East at Beckers Group, shared his vision for the region: “I am thrilled to lead our efforts in the Asia & Middle East region, a strategic growth area for Beckers Group. The potential for sustainable business development here is immense. I look forward to working with our teams to tap into this potential, driving growth while setting a benchmark for sustainability. Our aim is to inspire our customers with our comprehensive and forward-thinking approach.”

Pia Götze, the newly appointed President for Europe & Africa at Beckers Group, comments on the region: “I am eager to lead our European teams in a unified European region, unlocking the full potential of our collective capabilities. I am particularly excited about exploring our market opportunities in all the countries. Sustainability is not just a passion for me, it’s a strategic imperative. As we continue to grow, we will ensure that sustainability is at the heart of all our operations.”

Jared Ireland, the newly appointed Senior Vice President for Americas at Beckers Group, adds about the region: “Having had the privilege of working in the Americas for the past 18 months, I am filled with anticipation for what the future holds. The Americas present vast opportunities for growth, and we are steadily making strides towards realizing them. Our team, characterized by high motivation and skill, is our greatest asset. As we move forward, our success will hinge on delivering a value proposition that aligns with our customers’ needs and our sustainability mission.”

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