164 St. Parking Garage At Yankee Stadium

Cambridge Architectural

Distinct and memorable metal fabric panels from Cambridge Architectural clad the exterior of the 164th Street Garage, one of three newly constructed parking garages serving the new Yankee Stadium in Bronx, NY.

The 190-space garage lies adjacent to new Yankee Stadium on 164th Street between River Avenue and Jerome Avenue, almost as if it’s connected to the stadium itself. The structure’s west-facing side sits right next to the stadium’s entrance at Gate 2, which leads to the Yankees Lobby. The facades of the 164th Street Garage and new Yankee Stadium stand together on Jerome Avenue, welcoming fans to the inaugural season of the ballpark, and a new era in Yankee baseball.

A Cambridge Parkade™ architectural mesh system clads three sides of the 164th Street Garage’s exterior, most notably the Jerome Avenue side, which provides a clean and sophisticated veneer to complement the classic limestone look of Yankee Stadium’s gateway. Metal fabric’s inherently refined beauty alone delivers an eye-catching aesthetic to the parking garage, but is further highlighted by its visual interplay with light.

At night, Cambridge’s mesh on each end of the garage is washed with white light, while the expanse along 164th Street features ground-set lights projecting a cool blue luster onto the stainless steel frontage. When married with light, mesh creates incredibly unique and engaging effects.

“The finished product is a sleek, beautiful, modern mesh that catches the sun during the day and reflects colored light at night,” says Michael Hanrahan, Senior Associate of Clarke Caton Hintz, the architect of the project. “We’re very pleased with how it turned out.”

Construction and operation of the 164th Street Garage, like all new buildings, needed to be cost effective and efficient. Cambridge’s architectural mesh was chosen for the building’s façade because the chosen pattern managed to adequately cover the structure’s exterior while at the same time allowing enough airflow to negate the need for additional building systems –ultimately saving the project team money.

“Cambridge's architectural mesh pattern allows enough passage of air to make a sprinkler system unnecessary, all while acting as an effective façade for the garage,” says Hanrahan.

“It was such an honor to help the New York City Parks Department on this project, especially with its connection to iconic Yankee Stadium,” says Heather Collins, Director of Marketing for Cambridge Architectural. “We were proud to contribute a cutting-edge design that in the end provided a more cost-effective solution for the project team.”

Cambridge is committed to assisting the design and construction team from initial concept to final installation on each and every project. For the 164th Street Garage, Cambridge developed an ideal system to address all the visual and functional needs of the exterior cladding. The system was then specifically engineered to fit the structure's openings, making installation as simple as possible.

“The installation of the mesh system was successful and went according to schedule,” says Dave Michaels, Senior Project Manager for Capco Steel, the installer of the project. “Under the direction of the Cambridge field crew, our team became familiar with the product and were able to easily complete the project.”

“We were impressed with Cambridge’s design-build process,” says Michael Hanrahan. “They were easy to work with, every step of the way.”

The Parkade system was fabricated with mesh in Cambridge’s Braid pattern, which features large-scaled, flexible open weaves that shade and screen structures including facades, parking garages and pavilions.

Cambridge’s Talon tension attachment hardware was used to install the Braid product. Created especially for cable rod products such as Braid, the Talon hardware grips a reinforced rod at top and bottom edges. Intermediate brackets at required intervals maintain stability and alignment of the mesh. The Talon hardware is appropriate for lengths of metal fabric held in tension up to 100 feet.

Construction on the 164th Street Garage was completed in March 2009. The project team consists of architect Clarke Caton Hintz, Trenton, NJ; joint contractors and facility developers Hunter Roberts Construction Group, New York, NY, and Prismatic Development Corporation, Fairfield, NJ; installer Capco Steel Corporation, Providence, RI; and facility operator Standard Parking Corporation, Chicago, IL.

Cambridge Architectural Parkade metal fabric solutions lend unique aesthetic appeal, functionality, affordability and sustainable benefits to parking structures. As exterior cladding for parking garages, Parkade applications provide ventilation, fall protection, visibility, headlight attenuation, safety, security and many additional functional benefits. Cambridge offers a wide range of metal fabric patterns and corresponding attachment hardware, and is always available for comprehensive design and engineering assistance. With every project, Cambridge provides turn-key installation.

About Cambridge Architectural

Cambridge Architectural is a full-service provider of architectural metal mesh systems for both interior and exterior building applications. For more information, visit CambridgeArchitectural.com.

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