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“This is the largest sign we have ever made,” said Andy Salcido of bluemedia, the firm hired to create the enormous sponsorship advertisement on the roof of the Glendale Arena. The layout is 290 feet wide by 120 feet tall, with the largest letter being the “J” in It measures 45 feet tall by 35 feet wide. The next largest letter is the “A” in Arena, which measures 32 feet tall by 37 feet wide.

The conditions and requirements for this project made it necessary to select a color-stable finish that was capable of withstanding the harsh Arizona sun and compatible with the existing roof substrate. KYMAX™, a Kynar Aquatec™ emulsion-based coating, was selected based on its physical performance properties. Kynar Aquatec™ emulsion-based coatings are recognized as excellent, long-lasting, color stable coatings.

The logo was first laid out using Roof Mate™ basecoat, which provides a highly cohesive bond to both the base substrate and the KYMAX™ topcoat. The design layout was then approved from aerial photos. KYMAX™ was tinted using the highest quality UV stable pigments available and then carefully applied according to factory specifications. With proper maintenance, the logo will last well beyond its 10 year warranty.

Outdoor exposure will break down almost all coatings, causing them to chalk, fade, and discolor. Kynar 500® based coatings are known for excellent performance under severe conditions. Similarly, coatings based on Kynar Aquatec™ emulsions will withstand extended exposure to water, humidity, temperature extremes, ultraviolet rays, oxygen, and atmospheric pollutants. Performance testing shows these coatings retain color and gloss like no other conventional water-based coating.

Kynar Aqutec™ is a new innovative platform of emulsions, which are used by paint formulators to make premium weatherable waterbased coatings. Coatings formulated with these emulsions can provide the durability and performance of traditional Kynar 500® based coatings. They can be easily applied to a variety of substrates, including metals, plastics, wood, concrete, textiles, and previously painted surfaces.

Now the extreme weatherability of a Kynar 500® based coating is available in a VOC-compliant, field- or factory-applied, ambient airdry system. Additional benefits include tremendous resistance to dirt pick-up, outstanding water repellency, and high initial and long-term total solar reflectance and emissivity.

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