Alpha Flying And Atlas Aircraft Center

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The Alpha Flying (AFI) and Atlas Aircraft Center (APC) is a one-stop provider airport committed to servicing all its visitors' airport needs. For example, the full service spectrum facility offers general aviation uses such as aircraft storage, maintenance, repair and technical support. Located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the center houses a 40,000 square foot hangar (138’ wide x 286’ long) and a 44,000 square foot area for office space.

The hangar utilizes 138’ clearspan straight column framing by Metallic Building Company, with the high sides supported by a 286’ x 10’ deep open web truss which structurally supports two megadoors (130’ wide x 28’ high). A Double-Lok® standing seam roof was incorporated into the facility, for its ability to conserve heat, its enhanced longevity and its low maintenance. Endwall and sidewall panels are MBCI 7.2 panels, which are rugged and provide exceptional spanning and cantilever support. Other special features include under-slab heating to ensure a comfortable and energy efficient work area.

The project’s team included general contractor and designer, ProCon Inc., (, Manchester, New Hampshire; builder/erector/roofer, Barnes Buildings and Management Group Inc., Weymouth, Massachusetts; and building manufacturer, Metallic Building Company, based in Houston, Texas.

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