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Kalzip Inc., formerly Corus Building Systems, received its largest order ever for Kalzip standing seam metal roofing when the product was chosen for the new terminal buildings at Madrid’s Barajas Airport in Spain. Providing the European hub for flights to South America, the airport has seen a dramatic increase in passenger levels in recent years, which had put existing facilities under a tremendous strain.

Designed by Richard Rogers partnership, some 2.5 million sq. ft. of Kalzip 65/400 stucco-embossed aluminum panels were used in the project’s first phase. The new terminal building is comprised of 240 modules, each measuring 29-1/2’ wide by 246’ long. The roof of each module arches in opposite directions, similar to the wings of a bird, leading to an aircraft gate at the tip of each wing. Kalzip panels, some of which are tapered, were laid lengthways and curved into a complex shape. The decking below was formed from pre-curved perforated aluminum panels, followed by a double layer of slab insulation. The composite assembly is said to provide outstanding acoustical performance, protecting passengers and terminal workers from aircraft noise outside.

Prior to receipt of the order, Kalzip tested the design and buildability of the demanding geometry by constructing a full-size prototype of one of the modules at its factory in Koblenz, Germany. The Kalzip panels used on the terminal itself were all fabricated at the job site using mobile rollforming. The panels were also curved and tapered on site.

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero presided over the opening of the terminal in February 2006. It can handle up to 35 million passengers a year—twice as many as previously.

Though challenging, the terminal roof design was well within Kalzip's capabilities, as evidenced by the project’s success. The company’s Kalzip aluminum roof and wall claddings are frequently curved, tapered, twisted and cork-screwed. And with jobsite production, they can be produced in lengths up to 500’. Kalzip is also offered in other materials, including zinc, stainless steel, copper and painted finishes.

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