Bohemian Hangar – Fort Collins/Loveland Airport Hangar

Varco Pruden Buildings

This storage hangar owned by Bohemian Real Estate II, LLC is situated at the Fort Collins/Loveland Airport in Loveland, CO. The 32,685 sq. ft. facility used a Rigid Frame metal building system by VP Buildings.

In addition to serving as an aircraft storage hangar, the facility includes support shops and office space. The 19,500 q. ft. hangar is surrounded on two sides with the shop/covered parking, while a third side—the main entry facade—contains the office areas and is faced with timber trusses, timber columns and stone to be consistent with the local architectural influences.

The metal building structure of the hangar, in addition to storing aircraft, is designed to accommodate banquet/party amenities including speaker, lighting and visual display systems. The building’s capacity is up to 600 people.

Another interesting feature of the facility is a 400 sq. ft. fire-rated glass door/window assembly at the shared wall between the hangar and the office area. This allows for a visual connection to the hangar from the main entry of the building.

Metal panels by VP Buildings are featured on the roofs and walls of the facility. The roofs are SSR and SLR standing seam profiles in Zinc Gray color. The walls are Zinc Gray and Ash Gray Vee Rib panels.

Tectonic Management Group Inc. was the VP Buildings authorized builder and project designer. The project was completed in May 2007.

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