Farnborough Airport

Kalzip Inc.

The third stage of Reid Architecture’s redevelopment of Farnborough Airport in England in now complete. And like the innovative hangar and air traffic control tower built before it, the new terminal building has been fitted with a strikingly modern Kalzip aluminum standing seam roof system.

Installed by approved Teamkal roofing contractor Lakesmere, over 19,000 sq. ft. of Kalzip 65/400 aluminum panels were used to form the dramatic asymmetrical ‘wing-like’ roof of the terminal building. Using Kalzip’s tapering capabilities, the graceful curves of the radial rooflights and monopitch roof were accentuated to provide a stunning visual appearance.

In addition to being chosen because of the architect’s desire to create a sense of unity between the contrasting designs of the terminal, hangar and control tower, Kalzip was used in the latest case because of its attractive, modern appearance, proven durability, and weathering properties that will ensure the finish and aesthetic appeal of the roof structures will not diminish, thus allowing the airport terminal to remain an iconic landmark for many years to come.

The project represents a departure from the norm as far as aviation design is concerned. And in addition to its traditional function, the 43,000 sq. ft., three-story terminal serves as the airport’s operational and administrative center while providing meeting and conference facilities for business travelers.

Photo courtesy of Reid Architecture, photography by Hufton & Crow.

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