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It's easy to see that Hangar Delta is not a typical aviation facility. The 12,950 sq. ft. structure in Aurora, Oregon is shaped to match the angle of a facing street, while a mono-pitch roof with opposing parapet creates a unique roof line. The eye-catching private showcase hangar was created with Varco Pruden Buildings' Rigid Frame system.

Hangar Delta was selected as a winner in the Transportation category in the 2019 Varco Pruden Hall Of Fame presentation.

CENTREX of Tigard, Oregon was the Varco Pruden builder for the project, which utilizes a striking tri-color palette of Panel Rib profiles on the walls, along with SSR panels on the roof formed from Galvalume-coated steel. The project designer was Aron Faegre Architect of Portland, Oregon.

To maximize the floor area on an angled street side, there is only one right angle in the footprint of the 150' x 115' x 42' hangar, requiring several support columns for the facility's mezzanine to be skewed 15 degrees and bolt pattern to be properly sited in a non-standard process.

Other features include a 28'-high indoor/outdoor sunset and runway viewing deck, an elevator to the multi-level Class A+ interior build-out, a warmly appointed lounge and catering kitchen with glass overhead roll-up doors, and a 4' motorized disco ball over the polished concrete hangar floor served by a 28'-tall bottom rolling panel door.

Crews also worked through complex flashings to transition between three different exterior panel types and colors, and to waterproof the exterior mezzanine concrete-over-metal deck over occupied space.

Hangar Delta was completed in October 2018.

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