Peterson Air Force Base Hangar

Garland Co. Inc.

This hangar at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO, was covered by a thru-fastened metal roof system that had severe leaks and was in critical need of replacement. That problem was solved with the help of a standing seam roof from The Garland Company Inc.

The goal of this reroof project was to create watertight integrity to protect the military aircraft stored inside. The existing roof system was removed down to the deck and the contractor then installed an SBS-modified base sheet over the top of polyisocyanurate insulation with an R-value of 20. To ensure watertight integrity, the 78-foot Galvan-coated steel standing seam panels were rollformed on the job to create a continuous panel with no endlaps.

The Garland standing seam metal system was chosen for this project for its strength, aesthetic appearance, and its ability to create a watertight system. The use of exposed fasteners at the eaves allows the panels to move during thermal fluctuations, eliminating the possibility the roof panels will tear and subsequently leak. The 22-gauge, 16-inch wide R-Mer® Span panels have a unique profile that contains minor ribs throughout the panel to minimize “oil canning”. With the hangar’s 7:12 roof slope, the standing seam system provides the durability and watertight integrity needed for a long-term high-performance solution.

In addition to 30,000 sq. ft. of steel roofing, 20,000 sq. ft. of modified bitumen roofing was also used. Both the metal and modified portions of this high-performance roofing solutions were provided by Garland as a single full-service manufacturer and covered by a 30-year warranty.

The roofing contractor/installer was Weathercraft Roofing, Inc. of Colorado Springs, CO.

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