Chemeketa Community College – Health Sciences Complex


Chemeketa Community College underwent $38.2 million of renovations that focused mainly on Building 8 of the college’s Health Sciences Complex in Salem, OR. The 74,00 square foot project revamped the facilities that house training space and equipment for nursing, dental hygiene and pharmacy technology students.

Sustainability was a major goal of this project, as the building is part of a pilot program with the Energy Trust of Oregon. This is why architects chose exterior building materials that were able to be insulated for passive ventilation, as well as temperature control. The project’s exterior building skin had to provide a high insulation factor and create a tight system that would eliminate air flow exposure. The building is LEED certified at the Silver level.

CENTRIA products were selected to complete this building project for multiple reasons. Not only did these products create a dramatic aesthetic, achieve significant performance ratings, and meet sustainability goals, they also provided building owners with incredible long term value.

CENTRIA’s MetalWrap™ Series 100 and 200 2” horizontal panels were chosen by the architect for their outstanding performance. The MetalWrap Series insulated composite backup panel is a single thermal, air and moisture barrier backup system. Designed for use with CENTRIA’s Profile Series, brick, and terra cotta, MetalWrap’s flexibility makes it the perfect solution for either single-exterior or mixed-medium buildings, like Chemeketa, as it was easily integrated with the building’s metal and brick materials. Additionally, only one system and specification was necessary, since MetalWrap eliminates the need for conventional batt or board installation, exterior gypsum board, and air, water, and vapor boards.

“We pursued CENTRIA’s MetalWrap back-up panels because they came as a complete system,” said Jenn Alger, project manager for general contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis. “Not only did they help us attain our required R factor, they also minimized our concerns about dew point and moisture collection because of their single component design. We did a number of field tests to monitor air penetration and water intrusion, and CENTRIA products exceeded expectations.”

MetalWrap was also significant in helping architects build a net-zero facility. “Rather than installing large pieces of equipment for mechanical ventilation, we looked for a product that would provide a tight enclosure, yet would allow room for exterior insulation,” said Alger. Because MetalWrap Series is a product that does both, air flow is controlled naturally, reducing duct work and controlling temperature within the building.”

Concept Series CS-200 and CS-260 Concealed Fastener Profiles worked easily with CENTRIA’s MetalWrap Series for ultimate performance, and provided a unique design solution for Chemeketa architects because their common lock joints allow panels to be mixed freely in order to create custom aesthetics. These single-skin panels can be installed both vertically and horizontally to provide a clean, unbroken appearance, allowing for interesting modern visual effects. Concept Series products also reflect CENTRIA’s commitment to sustainability, and contributed to the points necessary to achieve LEED Silver certification.

IW Series Concealed Fastener Profiles were chosen for their aesthetic appeal. This product offers a clean, unbroken appearance with a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes made it easy to match existing substrates.

All of these CENTRIA products allowed for all-weather installation capability, an important factor when keeping the building schedule on track, and will significantly reduce long-term maintenance costs.

When architects choose CENTRIA, they choose unparalleled support, customer service, and resources, another value that the Chemeketa team appreciated. “CENTRIA has an excellent group of professionals who are trained to support you during various phases of the project,” said Richard Mackey, Installer, Kenco Construction, Inc. “They guide you from the design process, through the manufacturing and shipping phases and are hands on during installation, providing the support that leads to a successful installation.”

The project architect was SRG Partnership, Inc. of Portland, OR; the CENTRIA products dealer/installer was Kenco Construction, Inc. of Seattle, WA; the contractor was Lease Crutcher Lewis Construction of Portland, OR. The project was completed in February 2011.

The CENTRIA products used on this project included:

  • MetalWrap™ Series 100 2” Horizontal. Square Feet: 18,840; Gauge: 29/29.
  • MetalWrap™ Series 200 2” Horizontal. Square Feet: 10,454; Gauge: 29/29.
  • Concept Series CS-200. Square Feet: 12,158; Color: Silversmith; Coating: Sundance Mica; Finish: Smooth; Gauge: 20.
  • Concept Series CS-260. Square Feet: 4,969; Color: Silversmith; Coating: Sundance Mica; Finish: Smooth; Gauge: 20.
  • IW Series Concealed Fastener IW-10 Vertical. Square Feet: 5,588; Color: Silversmith; Coating: Sundance Mica; Finish: Smooth; Gauge: 20.


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