George Ranch High School And Antoinette Reading Junior High School

Metallic Building Systems

From a sheet with nothing more than gridlines and conceptual elevations, grew one of Metallic Building Company’s most intricate projects to date. Metallic’s district sales manager, project managers, engineers and draftsmen worked tirelessly with the project architect and Drymalla Construction for nearly two years to develop the massive, state-of-the-art, George Ranch High School and Antoinette Reading Junior High School campus.

The massive complex is located in Richmond, Texas and consists of nearly 375,000 square feet of first floor space with an additional 82,000 square feet of mezzanines and second floor space. The complex also includes a 35,000 square foot field house as well as 15,000 square feet of canopies and a 3,500 square foot chiller building.

The project features soaring 50-foot ceilings, mammoth arched windows and walkways, intricate ceiling finishes and features, multiple catwalks and mechanical platforms as well as a myriad of suspended HVAC water chiller pipes and audio visual equipment.

The complex utilizes Metallic’s SuperLok® standing seam roof system finished in Metallic’s Signature® 300 Rustic Red coating. SuperLok® is a mechanically-seamed, vertical rib standing seam roof system that combines unsurpassed weathertightness with high wind resistance and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The roof features over a dozen large clerestory cupolas as well as numerous louvered 18’ x 23’ dormers which were utilized to conceal much of the HVAC equipment.

The exterior walls are finished in Metallic’s Signature® 300 Snow White coating and consist of a combination of Texas stone veneer and PBU wall panels. Roof extensions and eave canopies also feature Metallic’s 12” wide Artisan soffit panels.

Metallic provided a complete package for the project including not only the custom designed building system but all mezzanines, catwalks, canopies and even the stairs and custom handrails.

The project included the following team members: Program Manager - Gilbane Building Company, Houston, Texas; Construction Manager - Drymalla Construction, Houston, Texas; Architect - PBK Architecture, Houston, Texas; Erector - Steel Masters, LP, Houston, Texas; Roofing Contractor - MacJr. Steel Erectors, Inc., Houston, Texas; and Building Manufacturer: Metallic Building Company, Houston, Texas.

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