Gordon State College Student Success Center

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Officials at Gordon State College in Barnesville, GA were looking to improve and expand on one of their campus’ key buildings, the Student Success Center. Working with a Smyrna, GA-based architect, The Facility Group, a plan was developed to replace 18,000 sq. ft. of roofing on the original building, and to create a 17,500 sq ft addition, effectively doubling the size of the structure.

Because the Center is seen daily by many of the school’s 5,000 students, officials were focused on the addition’s look. They wanted it to be visually unique, yet complement the signature bronze color on Gordon State College structures. To accomplish this, the architect turned to Metal Flat Lock Wall Panels from Firestone Building Products.

Products from Firestone Building Products—both roofing and walls—were recommended by the project’s lead architect, John Connelly. In addition to long-term performance and functionality, the selected systems carried with them dependable warranties for metal and asphalt.

Firestone Building Products provided 18,000 sq. ft. of MB Base and App 180 roofing for the reroof, and .032”-thick Metal Flat Lock Wall Panels in a Dark Bronze color for the expansion. The asphalt roofing features a 10-year Red Shield™ Warranty. The Flat Lock panels, installed by Atlanta Metal Systems of of Douglasville, GA, feature a 20-year Firestone Finish Warranty.

“It looked great,” said Connelly. “The installation went really well…everyone was happy with the final product.”

The project’s general contractor was Beatty Construction, Austell, GA. The Firestone Building Products Sale Rep was the Larimer/Shannon Group, Atlanta.

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