Hereford Learning Centre

James & Taylor Ltd.

Cladding specialists James & Taylor have put the finishing touches to the new Hereford Learning Centre in Hereford, Herefordshire, England, with a stunning perforated aluminum (aluminium) façade that reflects the local community.

The façade for the new building, the first phase of a learning village at the heart of the town’s College of Technology, depicts local scenes created by punching thousands of holes into bronze anodized bespoke aluminum panels. Architects Stubbs Rich designed the images, and they were computer generated by James & Taylor, who reproduced the design over the 229 perforated panels that make up the façade.

The perforated design allows daylight into the building, while acting as a sunscreen to the curtain walling.

James & Taylor interpreted the architect’s brief by designing each panel individually. The perforated holes (6,500 in each panel) formed the background, making the image stand out. The computer was programmed to replicate the architect’s images across the solid areas within the panels. The aluminum was then anodized to give its unique bronze color.

“We were delighted to work on this project with Stubbs Rich,” said Peter Mulholland of James & Taylor. “It shows the imaginative work that can be produced with aluminium (aluminum) to realize the architect’s vision. We look forward to further innovative commissions that take this versatile cladding material into fresh new realms.”

Architect John Rich said: ”The imaginative and expressive use of materials is critical to the perception of this building as a ‘landmark’. It occupies a focal position with the learning village development and its architectural form and appearance speak of its significance. We are delighted with the end result.”

College Principal Ian Peake said: “This is a truly outstanding new building. It is brilliantly designed with many innovative features, and constructed to a very high standard. Our students and staff are delighted, and so am I!”

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