Indiana Tech Law School

Vulcraft Group, Nucor Corp.

Almet Inc., of New Haven, Indiana and Vulcraft Group, supplier of steel joists, steel joist girders and steel decking, worked together to complete a new three-story building for Indiana Tech Law School in Fort Wayne. The 70,000-square-foot facility includes a library on each floor and a trial courtroom measuring 68-feet in diameter with an overlook at the second floor, which allows students to observe trial procedures from above.

A barreled roof exists across the front of the structure and projects above the rest of the roof. The rolled tube beams are spaced at 18’ centers and create the curved aspects of the building’s design. The building structure has wide flange beams which support flow and roof joists. The structural steel weight is approximately 370 tons and joist tonnage is approximately 90 tons. The total Vulcraft/Verco material included 700 Shortspan Joist, 1.5B22G60 Steel Roof Deck and 1.0C26G60 Steel Floor Deck.

For their work on the project, Almet, Inc. was recognized as a winner of the 2014 NuHeights Design Awards by Vulcraft/Verco Group. The NuHeights Design Awards recognize outstanding design, architecture and the diverse applications of building with steel.

About Vulcraft/Verco Group

Vulcraft_logoAs an engineered products group of Nucor Corporation, Vulcraft produces joists, joist girders and steel deck. Verco Decking Inc. supplies corrugated steel roof and floor deck. For more information, visit or

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