Lewisville High School Renovation

Banker Wire

Lewisville School District’s oldest - but newly renovated - school now features Banker Wire stainless steel wire mesh. The company provided sleek and durable infill panels for Lewisville High School’s stairways and hallway balconies.

The high school, located in Lewisville, Texas and founded in 1897, is undergoing a large-scale, multi-phase renovation as part of the district’s efforts to provide high-quality educational facilities to its growing student population. Implementation of that plan involved installing Banker Wire railing infill panels in the school’s hallways.

Banker Wire’s M12Z-17 stainless steel wire mesh was selected for its durability, ability to provide fall protection and aesthetic appeal. Durability was especially important for the installation in Lewisville High School’s high-traffic hallways. The school currently enrolls more than 2,500 students and could reach as many as 4,000 within the next few years.

“Banker Wire metal mesh was an obvious choice for Lewisville High School. As a railing infill, the material offers unprecedented durability under the everyday abuse of high school hallways, without sacrificing aesthetic appeal,” said Mark Tinwala, the owner of VIVA Railings, LLC, the fabricator for the project.

Banker Wire provided that aesthetic appeal by ensuring that the woven pattern lines up consistently from panel to panel. “As with most railing panel infill projects, the single most important detail was that the patterns lined up,” said Harrison Horan, Vice President of Marketing at Banker Wire. “We excel at creating wire weaves that provide this repeatability, allowing for fast and efficient fabrication and installation.”

The railings were installed as part of the second phase of a three-phase renovation process, which was completed in summer of 2012. The third phase is ongoing.

The Texas-based team that contributed to phase two of the Lewisville High School project included VIVA Railings, the SHW Group and Balfour Beatty Construction Inc.

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