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Creating a clear medical identity with a wow factor for Trident Technical College’s Nursing and Science Building in North Charleston, SC was accomplished with the use of a Dri-Design Wall Panel System. The structure features 24,378 square feet of 0.080-inch aluminum wall panels from Dri-Design. The panels were finished in Champagne paint and Copper Anodized and Dark Bronze Anodized finishes.

Dri-Design worked closely with Architectural firm LS3P, Charleston, to create the customized panel layout. The installation emphasizes the differences in the Copper Anodized and Dark Bronze anodized finishes that add depth and dimension to the facade. These finishes were selected to mimic copper and bronze. The panels, distributed by Custom Exteriors, Muskegon, Mich., also coordinate with the aluminum windows.

“Our sales and engineering staff are connected with design and construction teams from the planning to installation phases to ensure the quality of the layout and installation of the Dri-Design panels,” said Brad Zeeff, president of Dri-Design. “A lot of coordination is required to create what appears to be a random display of panels, and our employees thrive at meeting customers’ needs.”

Trident Technical College has set the bar high as a sustainable leader; the building is designed to LEED Silver certification. The campus supports an initiative called TTC Green, with a goal to help “create a sustainable future that will positively impact the college, community and beyond.” Dr. Mary Thornley, president of the college, signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment pledging to reduce and ultimately neutralize greenhouse gas emissions. “TTC Green recognizes that Trident Tech has the responsibility to perpetuate green lifestyles through daily operations and knowledgeable graduates who possess the skills to support sustainability efforts. We are part of a community that thinks in terms of green initiatives, and we plan to continue to expand TTC’s role as a good community citizen,” said Dr. Russell Darnall, director of TTC Green.

As a sustainable showcase, The Nursing and Science Building features: innovative wastewater technologies for rainwater harvesting and reuse; low-mercury lighting; photovoltaics; regional and recycled materials, including certified wood; and 36 percent energy use reductions. The metal panels contribute to the green designation because the single-skin metal is made with recycled content and can be easily recycled. Also, the Dri-Design Wall Panel System is environmentally friendly because Dri-Design panels do not require sealants, gaskets or butyl tape for installation. Additionally, Dri-Design panels do not have a plastic core, like that of many aluminum composite products.

The efforts of LS3P and school officials have lead to a sustainable teaching tool that gives students the resources they need to succeed in their chosen profession. In part, the facility has changed the way students learn and faculty work by creating a natural environment that is very technology driven. The 90,000-square-foot facility houses the nursing school and associate science program with laboratories, classrooms, study and meeting spaces, and faculty offices.

“The architectural metal element is a stunning design feature,” said Daniel J. Scheaffer, AIA, LEED BD+C, senior associate with LS3P. “The high-tech material reflects the building’s high-tech healthcare curriculum taking place inside. The subtle variations in the panels create an earthy, healthy feel appropriate to the function of the facility.”

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About Dri-Design

DriDesign_logo_020511Dri-Design was founded in 1995 to "solve significant problems with traditional metal panel systems—delamination, staining because of the effects of weather on joints and gaskets, a lack of color and texture options, the rising cost of production and inefficient installation practices." Panels of the Dri-Design® Wall Panel System can be installed over commercial-grade Tyvek onto plywood, or they can be used with outboard insulation pressure-equalized rainscreen systems. The 100% recyclable panels can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including zinc, copper, stainless steel, and painted and anodized aluminum. Panels are available in any fluoropolymer paint color and are sized and detailed to meet the specific requirements of each project. Unique profiles include: Shadow, Tapered, Perforated, Embossed, Textured, Imaging Technology and Inspire. These options create angles, textures, depth, images and performance that cannot be matched. The Dri-Design® Wall Panel System is Dade County and AAMA 508-07 approved.

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