UTSA Multidisciplinary Studies Building

Cambridge Architectural

Rigid metal fabric from Cambridge Architectural, framed in sleek narrow panels, creates an eye-catching exterior wall and effectively shades the corridor outside the new annex of the Multidisciplinary Studies (MS) Building on the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) campus in San Antonio, TX.

The annex, referred to as the MS Renovation and Infill, provides a new location for the University’s Business Auxiliary Services (BAS), which includes the UTSA Card Office, Parking, Transportation and Auxiliary Services Contract Management. The infill structure now connects the opposing sides of the U-shaped MS Building, allowing the BAS team to be housed centrally and to offer adequate lobby spaces for customer transactions.

Metal fabric quickly became a preferred material for the exterior corridor of the MS Renovation and Infill project due to its ability to divide space while shading harsh sunlight. A Cambridge architectural mesh system was chosen to outfit the space because it looked and performed better than any other product.

“When searching for materials, Cambridge’s mesh was among the best we found,” says Clement Medina, Project Manager for Alvidrez Architecture Inc., the architect of the project. “Its polished aesthetic and finish gives the new building an elegant texture, while matching the look and feel of existing adjacent buildings.”

The shading benefits of Cambridge architectural mesh facilitate a comfortable, pleasant exterior corridor environment.

“In addition to its look, Cambridge’s mesh system delivered important shading capabilities,” says Medina. “The pattern chosen allows the ideal amount of light through.”

Practicing a design-build approach, Cambridge always lends hands-on support throughout every project to help ensure successful implementation. The MS Renovation and Infill structure was another example of this commitment.

“Cambridge was on-site during the entire installation process, making it very simple for us,” says Fernando Flores, VP of Operations for Amstar Inc., the general contractor of the project. “As a result, we didn’t encounter any issues, and we are extremely happy with the finished look of the building.”

The MS Renovation and Infill project exterior corridor was created with mesh in Cambridge’s Modified Plank pattern, which features rigid, open weaves that are often used in stair rail systems and grillwork.

Cambridge’s U-frame attachment hardware was used to install the Modified Plank product. Metal fabric is tack welded to u-binding, and mitered corners are welded and ground smooth for a polished finish.

Beyond its aesthetic and shading benefits, the Cambridge mesh system installed at the MS Building annex is 100% recyclable and virtually indestructible, outlasting most other materials in durability. The mesh system holds up incredibly well in the San Antonio climate, eliminating the need for its repair or replacement.

“UTSA is very pleased with Cambridge’s mesh,” says Harvey Juarez, Project Coordinator for the University of Texas at San Antonio. “It adds a functional and attractive feature to our campus, requiring no maintenance.”

Construction on the MS Renovation and Infill project was completed in August 2009. The project team included architect Alvidrez Architecture Inc., San Antonio, TX, general contractor, Amstar Inc., San Antonio, TX and facility owner, University of Texas at San Antonio.

About Cambridge Architectural

Cambridge Architectural is a full-service provider of architectural metal mesh systems for both interior and exterior building applications. For more information, visit CambridgeArchitectural.com.

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